November 1, 2012

Homage to 70s Italian horror 'Berberian Sound Studio' coming to Blu-ray and DVD

On December 31st Artificial Eye will be releasing Toby Jones homage to Italian horror flicks of the 70s, Berberian Sound Studio, on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK. The film picked up Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor at this years Frightfest, and definitely looks like a film to check out. Artificial Eye have released some excellent movies over the years, and I am eager to see this one. After the break I have some stills to share with you, as well as the striking theatrical trailer.

It’s 1976 and timid, Dorking-based sound engineer, Gilderoy, has been transplanted to Italy’s run-down Berberian Sound Studio to work on “The Equestrian Vortex”, the latest low-budget horror movie by notorious exploitation maestro Giancarlo Santini. Gilderoy’s task is a seemingly simple one: to create, record and mix the sounds of bloodcurdling screams, limbs being severed and the insertion of red hot pokers into human orifices, mostly using a variety of everyday household items such as old vegetables and a hammer. But Gilderoy is totally unprepared for the graphically grotesque images on show, the effect they have on him and for the unusual working practices of his employers. As he becomes more deeply involved in his work, the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred and, very subtly, Gilderoy’s life begins to imitate art in a nightmare scenario from which he may never escape.

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