November 8, 2015

Two Way Review - "Resuscitation - Eviscerated Divinity" (7” EP) + Denial (Mexico) - "11°22?.?4'N 142°35?.?5'E" (7" EP)


Review by Trevor Proctor.

The following review features two 7" EP releases from two of the undergrounds finest labels - Iron Bonehead Productions and Blood Harvest. It's very easy from time to time for 7" releases to slip the attention but these are two very strong EPs and you'll most definitely want to give them a listen...

Two Way Review - Caecus - Affliction 7" EP & Hellish (Chile) - Theurgists Spell 7" EP

Review by Trevor Proctor.

From Malmo in Sweden Blood Harvest is one of those labels you know to be reliable when it comes to the quality of their releases -  the label brings out, on average, ten to fifteen releases per year, quite a few of which will be 7” Eps and most of which will be seriously good. Already this year they’ve brought us first rate music from Maleficence, Ascended Dead and Void Ceremony, the three of which were reviewed here. Another piece of brilliance from the Blood Harvest camp this year was a 7” EP from Mexico’s Denial, another absolute belter that scored 10 out of 10 in a recent review, also reviewed here. To further improve what’s already been a very prolific and successful year Blood Harvest will bring us another two underground 7” gems at the end of November.