October 31, 2012

'Corpiii Pierdere' to shoot in January from the director of 'Velvet Road'

Some very cool news just in, and that is about the upcoming feature length film from L Gustavo Cooper, who directed the excellent short Velvet Road. The film is entitled Copiii Pierdere: The First Entry, and is set to start filming in January with the same team as on Velvet Road. Based on Romanian folklore of a curse dating back to the 1500's, Copiii Pierdere will be based in the present day and is described as 'Lovely Molly meets Drag Me To Hell'. This is definitely a film to keep your eyes out for. After the break you can read what L Gustavo has to say about the project. You can also check out the trailer for Cooper's Velvet Road after the break.

"We go into full production in January! The film is based on a Romanian folklore that dates back to the 1500s. It was used by parents as a way to keep children from sneaking out or acting up. The story itself is about a gypsy woman named Alina Patkavior who was the victim of a brutal rape. The act drove her insane, forcing her to attempt to take her own life. When the woman was ready to commit suicide, a vengeance demon appeared. The demon told her that he would wipe away her pain by giving these men the truly horrible fate they deserved. In return, he would return to claim her child after one year. A year later, Alina had grown to love and care for the child. When the vengeance demon returned to claim her child's life, she double-crossed him by refusing to turn the child over. The demon cursed Alina and her people, making it impossible for them to bear children. The group of gypsies came to be known as Copiii Pierdere, meaning 'the loss of a child' or 'lost children' in Romanian. When Alina's child became a man and married, he wanted desperately to be a father. The man summoned the same demon that his mother betrayed, in attempts to make amends and lift the curse. The demon told him that while he would not lift the curse, there was a way he could still raise children of his own. The only way he or any member of the Copiii Pierere could have children was to shed blood in the demon's name, in the form of a cursed ritual. This ritual was named Din Burta de Sarpe, Romanian for “belly of a snake”. The first time the man performed the ritual, he was horrified to find that it drove a loving couple of villagers insane to the point of death, leaving the unborn child unharmed beside their corpses. Disgusted as he was at his own actions, he took the infant and raised it as his own, and passed this gruesome act through his family's bloodline. This year will be the 500 year anniversary of the creation of Copiii Pierdere, and the Din Burta de Sarpe. Some believe that their power is growing stronger because of this occasion.
We are taking this story to present day. The film will follow Trevor and Holly Henderson, a newly wed couple, and their encounter with the curse."

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