November 8, 2014

Interview - 'Vircolac'

Due for release in the near future, from Iron Bonehead Productions, is the debut release from Dublin's upcoming death metal band, Vircolac. This in itself is exciting news, especially if you're familiar with Iron Bonehead's releases thus far, so we can only expect good things when Codex Perfida is released.

Ever the fella's to get the lowdown on new bands, here at the Lair, Trevor Proctor recently interviewed J and D, from the band, about Codex Perfida, gigs and Balkan werewolves. Read, enjoy and order the tape!

November 2, 2014

Filthy Music Review - 'Eye of Solitude: Dear Insanity'

Eye of Solitude – Dear Insanity (2014)

Kaotoxin Records

Review by Jude Felton

Honesty is pretty much always the best policy, so I’ll throw it right out there when I tell you that the UK’s Eye of Solitude are pretty much my favorite band, right now. Having only formed in 2010, they impressed the hell out of me with their 2012 album, Sui Caedere. However, this did not prepare me for the epic Canto III, which landed with Earth-shattering poetic beauty, in late 2013, and promptly made the number one spot in my year end list.