May 14, 2011

Coming Soon - Dead Weight

Just learned of this upcoming movie which is due for release in October. Co-written and co-directed by John Pata, who directed the terrific short Better Off Undead. That being said this looks to be a million miles away from that in terms of tone and execution. Personally speaking I am totally digging the trailer, which you can find below, and am eager to see the finished movie.


Seven hundred miles lie between Charlie and all that he has to live for. All that stands in his way is an apocalyptic viral outbreak, bands of malicious survivors and, perhaps more menacing, his own emotional burdens. Alongside his new found traveling companions, Charlie must attempt to find a way to break his obsessions with the past, or deal with the consequences of his decisions. He must learn to let it go.

Sector 7 - New Korean Monster Flick

Coming soon from director Kim Ji-Hoon is this new 3D monster flick set aboard an oil rig. The teaser looks tasty enough to me and Korea are turning out their fair share of winners lately, so fingers crossed for this one.

Germans Invade IFC

Definitely a couple of movies that I am excited about. I've been looking forward to We Are The Night for quite some time now, but The Wave has only just crossed my radar. Better late than never though!

On behalf of IFC Films, we are happy to announce the upcoming release of two films from acclaimed German director Dennis Gansel: WE ARE THE NIGHT, a sexy and suspenseful thriller about a young woman initiated into a trio of beautiful female vampires, and THE WAVE, a story of a high school experiment in fascism gone badly wrong. 

Both films are making their way to U.S. audiences following commercially successful runs in Europe and will have nationwide VOD releases and a limited theatrical run.  

We Are The Night

Jonathan Sehring, President of IFC Entertainment said, "We are thrilled to be introducing Dennis Gansel to U.S. audiences with the release of these two exciting films.  Gansel is a smart and entertaining filmmaker with the rare ability to blend big themes, realistic young characters and strong filmmaking techniques into very commercial movies.   With vampires at the forefront of popular culture,WE ARE THE NIGHT is a great addition to our IFC Midnight lineup.   Additionally, we were captivated by the edgy teen political drama THE WAVE when we saw it at Sundance and think it's a real conversation starter."  

WE ARE THE NIGHT and THE WAVE are being released theatrically in New York City in rep on May 27th  at the presitgious ReRun arthouse theater.  WE ARE THE NIGHT will be available nationwide on video-on-demand beginning May 25th and THE WAVE will begin a VOD run June 8th.  
A sexy, suspenseful and adrenaline pumping vampire film, WE ARE THE NIGHT is an edgy tale of a provocative gang of female vampires living large, making their own rules and leaving a merciless trail of blood.  The film centers on a 20-year-old Berlin native LENA (Karoline Herfurth) who gets by as a petty thief.  On one of her nightly job runs through an underground club, she meets 250-year-old LOUISE (Nina Hoss). Don't let her age fool you. LOUISE is a glamorous vixen, who is not only the owner of the club, but also the leader of an unusual all-female vampire trio - the other two members being wild child NORA (Anna Fischer) and elegant CHARLOTTE (Jennifer Ulrich). Louise falls head over heels in love with the scruffy Lena and bites her during their first night together. Once bitten, LENA discovers the curse and the blessing of her new, eternal life. She revels in the glamour, parties and infinite freedom. But she quickly discovers that the endless blood thirst and murderous appetite of her new girlfriends come at a steep price. When Berlin police commissioner TOM SERNER (Max Riemelt) begins investigating the women, it is just a matter of time before their day comes and events spiral out of control.  

A Scene from THE WAVE

Based on Morton Rhue's classic youth novel which has been required reading material in many German schools for years, THE WAVE is a work of fiction, but one based in fact: the original experiment was conducted by history teacher Ron Jones at Cubberley High School in Palo Alto, CA in 1967.   With the setting updated to contemporary German, a high school teacher (Jürgen Vogel) comes up with an experiment in order to explain to his students how totalitarian governments work. A role-playing game with tragic results begins. Within a few days, what began with harmless notions like discipline and community builds into a real movement: THE WAVE. By the third day, the students start ostracizing and threatening others. When the conflict finally erupts into violence at an intramural water polo game, the teacher decides to break off the experiment. But it's too late. THE WAVE is out of control...THE WAVE premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

May 12, 2011

Lusting Zombies!

The guys and gals over at Vicious Circle Films are keeping themselves busy. With Cropsey and Ninjas vs Vampires hitting stores earlier this month they now have Bloodlust Zombies lined up for a July release. Cheese factor five methinks!

May 9, 2011 – Philadelphia, PA — Breaking Glass Pictures will release director Dan Lantz’s debut feature film “Bloodlust Zombies” on DVD July 5.  The horror-comedy, about a zombie virus outbreak in an office building, features adult film star Alexis Texas in her first mainstream role.
SYNOPSIS: Like typical 9-to-5 cubicle dwellers, the workers at Zlantoff Industries are just counting down the minutes and seconds by the end of the day.  And just like any office, mishaps are bound to happen: spilt coffee, jammed fax machines … mutant viral outbreaks.  When a chemical spill in the lab on an otherwise uneventful weekday puts the office on emergency lockdown, the staff unwittingly becomes the first test subjects for an experimental, biological weapon – and if the mutant virus doesn’t spur cannibalistic murder, the passive aggressive office banter will.
“Bloodlust Zombies” is a rollercoaster ride of sex, gore and action.  Part office satire, part apocalyptic nightmare, it keeps the laughs – and heads – rolling. 
“I really learned a lot from this experience,” says Texas, a five-time AVN winner, on her starring role. 
“This was my first time ever on a independent movie so at first I didn't think I could do it, but when I got on set I just felt comfortable and everything just fell into place. I loved it and hope I do many more."
Special features for the “Bloodlust Zombies” DVD will include a director’s commentary, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and Dan Lant’z short film “Louisiana Smith and the Bastard Son.”

May 10, 2011

Coming Soon: One Way Trip 3D - Horror From Switzerland

Coming from the HesseGreutert Film Ag Studio out of Switzerland and directed by Marcus Welter is One Way Trip 3D. Billed as Switzerland's first 3D and Horror film it is set for distribution through Lightning Entertainment. 


Eight teenagers decide to take a camping vacation to the Swiss hill country. It's autumn and high season for a powerful, rare magic mushroom that grows there - the main motivation for their trip. They arrive at a secluded location deep in the woods, the mushrooms are collected, and once darkness falls, the party starts.

Everyone is having fun until one of the friends heads to grab a beer...and doesn't come back. His buddies find him facedown in a puddle with his head smashed in. They don't know what happened but need to find help, and fast. As they discover that their car has a flat tire and their phones don't work, they seek shelter in a nearby farmhouse. But the farmhouse turns out to be the last place they want to be... 

May 8, 2011

Simone (2010) - Movie Review

I have been on somewhat of a lucky roll recently when it comes to reviewing short movies. What with Fatal Pictures terrific Worm and JABB Pictures double-header of Spike and Polly, amongst others, impressing me no end I felt sure that this run would soon come to a grinding and resounding halt. They say, whoever they are, that all good things must come to an end. Well I say bullshit to that thank you very much. In case you hadn’t guessed Simone is also a short movie, clocking in at around 16 mins, and I am glad to say that it most definitely keeps the streak alive, impressively so.

Now, when it comes to reviewing movies I like to go in cold, so to speak, I will avoid reading up about it. Sometimes that is unavoidable but with indie cinema it is a lot easier. That is how I approached Simone, in fact every time I thought about it before I watched it I kept hearing Bob Hoskins growling the name in the 1986 flick Mona Lisa. Anyway, before I get too sidetracked, I went into Simone not knowing anything about the plot at all and this worked wonderfully, allowing the film to unravel before me with no expectations.

For those of you out there that do want some idea about what the movie is about, it’s about Simone waking up and slowly recalling the events of the night before. With this the filmmakers do an excellent job of slowly piecing together the puzzle that confronts Simone, who is played quite superbly by Jennifer Ward.

Director Joops Fragale has crafted an excellent movie that will keep you interested throughout its short running time. The whole look of the film, aside from having very decent production values, only serves to enhance the sense of confusion felt by Simone. The editing is spot on and even though there are short shots which reveal elements of the story it never feel like the editor is having some sort of episode.

Overall Simone was more than a pleasant surprise, it was in actual fact a joy to watch. It was quite apparent that time and effort went into the production of the movie and it shows on screen. Good filmmaking and a quality script, from Frazer Lee, help elevate this well into the realms of being a damned good film. 

For more information or to order Simone check out 3hree8ight6ix Films Official Site

Review by Jude Felton