April 18, 2010


Director Adam (Broken, Blood River) Mason's latest movie is a nasty little affair, with cannibalism, disembowelments and murder being the order of the day. The majority of the movie was shot in just the one take and is quite an impressive feat.

This was streamed live online and as yet does not have a dvd release.

Sexy Beast

For some reason or another I never caught this movie until I watched it for this review. Maybe it was because it came in the wake of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, which in turn spawned movies such as Layer Cake, Circus and Essex Boys? Nothing against Lock, Stock, I actually really dig that flick, I just didn’t want to see another lackluster wannabe. Of course that was my mistake being that Sexy Beast is nothing like the aforementioned movies. Sure, it has gangsters, a heist and larger than life characters but beneath all that it is a far more serious character study with relatively little action. Read more

The Strangers (Revisited)

When I caught The Strangers in the theater on its initial release I went in with high(ish) expectations. I also went in mildly pissed off with a accompanying marketing campaign that seemed intent on spoiling as much of the movie as possible. Nonetheless, I thought the movie had its moments, along with its fair share of disappointments.

All that being said I thought it was time to give it another go, this time in the comfy confines of my own house, far from the incessant jibber-jabber that spout from the mouths of ignorant fucktards that seem to frequent theaters. This, as it turns out, was a good decision as The Strangers definitely works better on the small screen. It’s still not a great film, in fact it still only remains a borderline good film, but it is far more effective at home. Read more