January 23, 2022

Guest 2021 Top 10 Release Listing - PK From Iron Bonehead Productions.

Guest 2021 Top 10 Release Listing - PK from Iron Bonehead Productions.

Article posted by Trevor Proctor.

With three previous posts from PK for The Lair of Filth (an interview with myself in 2015 + two guest Top 10 listings) remaining some of the site's most successful articles I was never in any doubt that I'd ask PK to submit another Top 10 for 2021.
I can think of no one who supports the underground more than PK - Iron Bonehead Productions continues to go from strength to strength and is one of very few labels that consistently releases music of the highest standard.

There is no other label that supports my work here at The Lair of Filth more than Iron Bonehead Productions so my eternal thanks and appreciation go to PK + Iron Bonehead Productions for this support, and also for taking the time to send me this list.

Keep checking back to this page as in the coming weeks I'll be posting guest Top 10 release listings by Ally Ripley (The Lash) and SS from Cyclopean Eye Productions - I appreciate these listings are being posted later than usual but this has been unavoidable due to my having a lot less spare time recently.

In no particular order here's PK's release listing for 2021:

Asaradel Fallen Angel - Hammer of Damnation.

First release of original material by Asaradel in well over twenty years.

Light Of The Morning StarCharnel NoirDebemur Morti Productions.

Second full length from London's Light Of The Morning Star and follow up to their 2017 album, Nocta.

Moonfall - Wings of Darkness of AdversaryAngel of Cemetery Records.

Second Demo from Finland's Moonfall which was given it's first physical release in February by Angel of Cemetery Records.

Funeral Winds - Gruzelementen New Era ProductionsNecromanteion.

Sixth full length from the Netherlands' Funeral Winds.

Lamp Of Murmuur - Submission and SlaveryBlack Gangrene Productions.

Second full length from Lamp Of Murmuur and one of eleven releases since their debut demo in 2019.

Dominum Inferum – RevilingNuclear War Now! Productions.

The rebirth of Domini Inferi on which Ryan Förster performs all instrumentation and vocals.

Helheim - Woduridar Dark Essence Records.

Eleventh album from Norway's Helheim.

New Skeletal FacesSextinction - Independent.

"Chaining together the most potent aspects of various influences from the darkest catacombs of rock and roll and the occult, New Skeletal Faces create their own unique, aggressive sound and experience."

Erzebet - La ira del infierno - Werewolf Records.

First release since a split they shared with Oscuridad in 2013.

Force Of Darkness -  Twilight of Dark IlluminationIron Pegasus Records.

Third full length from Chile's Force of Darkness.

Iron Bonehead Productions:




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