July 6, 2022

Weregoat - The Devil's Lust - Press Release + Track Stream.


Press Release by Nathan T Birk.

Article posted by Trevor Proctor.

Iron Bonehead Productions, in conspiracy with Parasitic Records, is proud to present a brand-new mini-album from Weregoat, The Devil's Lust, on CD, 12" vinyl, and cassette tape formats.
Formed in 2009, Weregoat have assaulted the black/death underground on their own terms. The power-trio are all veterans of the Portland, Oregon extreme metal scene, and while Weregoat's catalog to date has been patiently sparse, with the 2017 debut LP Pestilential Rites of Infernal Fornication being their most recent studio recording, they more than make up for this paucity with a pulverizing sound that's OTT bestiality personified.

And so it goes with The Devil's Lust, Weregoat's first new recording in five years. Characteristically graced with hypersexual cover art courtesy of the legendary Rok, Weregoat waste no time in approximating that tableau with their bestial black/death. Uniquely, the production across the six-song/23-minute record is sharper, drier, and more brittle than most of their bestial brethren. However, with this newfound clarity do the trio render their attack more unhinged than ever, as every element literally assaults from every angle in 3D dementia. And, just as they've proven over their handful of records the past decade, Weregoat have a keen knack for actual catchiness, further elevating the band away from the usual Black Witchery / Archgoat clones and closer to Vulcano and very earliest Sepultura.

No other words necessary: this is Weregoat's fucking The Devil's Lust!

01 - Tempter! Abuser! Satan her Master! 
02 - Merciless Execution
03 - Festering Womb of Uncreation 
04 - The Devil's Lust 
05 - Goat Perversion 
06 - Burn Deep the Signs of Hell.

The Devil's Lust by Weregoat will be available on 12" MLP/CD/Tape and    digital formats via Iron Bonehead Productions and Parasitic Records from the 12th of August.

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