August 1, 2016

Review - Oniricous - La Caverna de Fuego.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Oniricous is a Spanish Death Metal band that performed under the name Ghül from 2005-2011 then as Oniricous from 2011 onwards. Their first release under the name Oniricous was debut full length Ritos Diabólicos which was released on CD by Razorback Recordings in April 2013. Ritos Diabólicos was very well received, so well received that it prompted Spanish label Equinox Discos to release a vinyl version in June 2015. It was on release of this version the band first came to my attention, thanks to Eduardo from Equinox who was kind enough to send me a promotional copy. I was very impressed with Oniricous on first listen; Ritos Diabólicos is a very strong album and fully deserved the vinyl release from Equinox Discos