May 20, 2018

Exclusive Track Premiere - Abominablood - Funeral Doctrine. (The Antichrist Pride)

Article by Trevor Proctor in agreement with Cyclopean Eye Productions.

Cyclopean Eye Productions has featured a number of times recently at The Lair of Filth, and rightly so as this independent label from India continues to go from strength to strength with a steady, and very significant, release roster. 

Cyclopean Eye Productions’ first release came in July 2012 in the form of ‘Devanation Monumentemples,’ by Genocide Shrines which was also the first release by Genocide Shrines who, in a similar fashion to the label, have went from strength to strength and are now one of the underground’s most ferocious and important bands. 
Also, the label was also the first to release music from Jyotiṣavedāṅga, yet another band currently playing an essential role in the underground. Not content with bringing us a number of sublime extreme metal releases the label also released ‘Secrets from a Distant Star’ by Bell last year, a highly secretive and truly unique project which showcased some exceptional electronic/ambient/noise. 

Cyclopean Eye Productions started 2018 in a strong manner with two exceptional releases, a CD release of ‘Spell of the Seeker,’ by In Obscurity Revealed along with a CD version of ‘Abomination Continues’ by Abominablood

"Abominablood is an obscure entity from Argentina that plays a suffocating blend of Death and Bestial Black Metal that sears forth with unrelenting aggression yet maintains an eerie and evil atmosphere. Caustic vocals echo forth and saturate this MCD, setting a violent and disturbing tone with a distinct mythological theme. Fans of Teitanblood and Archgoat to modern beasts like Svart Crown and Desolate Shrine will surely find enough and more to sink their teeth into. 8 tracks of unearthly death and disaster mesmerize the unwary listener and ominously leads them towards their inevitable doom."

It is extreme pride and honour that The Lair of Filth is able to exclusively stream ‘Funeral Doctrine (The Antichrist Pride) from this monumental release below.

01 - Intro - Inverted Triangle Formation  
02 - Pentagram of the Seventh Dimension 
03 - Black Reverend (Nyarlatoteph´s Age)
04 - PZZU (Sacrifice and Transmutation)
05 - The Influence Of Kali Ma´s Sacrament ( Interlude)  
06 - Beast From The Another World (Tshup Aklathep) 
07 - Funeral Doctrine (The Antichrist Pride) 
08 - Knell and Bathed in Blood of the Earthly Karmas (Outro)

'Abomination Continues' by Abominablood is currently available from Cyclopean Eye Productions for €13, inclusive of worldwide, registered shipping.

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