May 24, 2014

Filthy Music Review - 'Deep in Hate: Chronicles of Oblivion'

Deep in Hate – Chronicles of Oblivion (2014)


Review by Jude Felton

Over the last couple of years I have had the pleasure of listening to, and reviewing, many (if not all) of Kaotoxin’s releases. One thing has become quite apparent, actually make that two, and that is that they aren’t afraid to mix it up, with Doom, Black, Death and Grindcore all getting a good shout-out, but also the incredible quality of the music, and packaging. I don’t honestly think I have heard anything from the label that has been nothing less than top quality. This is a fact that doesn’t look to change with French band Deep in Hate’s Chronicles of Oblivion.

Filthy Review - 'Death Spa' Unrated Blu-ray/DVD

Death Spa (1989)

Review by Jude Felton

Back in 1989 I was devouring horror films with the voracious appetite of one of Romero’s undead. Frequent trips to the video store, day after day, helped to satiate my bloodlust. One film though that escaped my attention was Death Spa. Thankfully, this can now be remedied as MPI and Gorgon Video have delivered this gorgeous looking unrated Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack.

May 23, 2014

Filthy Music Review - 'Temple Desecration: Communion Perished'

Temple Desecration - Communion Perished MLP (2014) 

Iron Bonehead Productions 

Review by Trevor Proctor

Once again Iron Bonehead Productions has dredged the depths and bowels of hell and came back with another exciting addition to its already healthy roster; how the hell any label can come up with so many musical gems is beyond me. I’ve reviewed quite a few releases from Iron Bonehead and associated label Invictus Productions lately and have yet to hear anything less than superb from either. This time Bonehead is set to release Communion Perished by Temple Desecration from Tychy, Poland on the 27th June. 

May 20, 2014

Filthy Contest - 'Dreams in the Witch House Double Vinyl' Closed

If you're a follower of all things filthy, here at the Lair, you'll quite possibly have read my recent review of the Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera album release. It's an astoundingly good album, which manages to combine great music, a cracking story and plenty of theatrics. Now, I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that I have a signed copy of the 180g double purple vinyl up for grabs, complete with customized title by Douglas Blair of W.A.S.P.!!