December 11, 2016

Trevor Proctor's Top 25 singles, EPs and demos of 2016.

As with 2015 this year has been another exemplary year in terms of releases and keeping this list to 25 has proved even more difficult than previous. You may notice a few releases from 2016 absent from my list, such as Dead Congregation and Sadistic Intent as I'll not get my hands on them until Christmas and of course the new Teitanblood which hasn't been released at the time of writing. Also, the excellent 'Extermination Mass' by Death Worship will feature on my list for 2017 as, despite having a very limited release for the brilliant NWN! V Festival, it's early 2017 when it will have it's full, world wide release.
As with all articles on The Lair of Filth the bands and labels are linked so all you have to do is click on each band or label to be taken straight to their site or Facebook. As always, huge thanks and appreciation to everyone for their support during 2016.