April 1, 2018

Exclusive Track Premiere - In Obscurity Revealed - Alliance with the Ancient.

Article by Trevor Proctor in agreement with Cyclopean Eye Productions.

Cyclopean Eye Productions is an independent label that regularly brings us some true underground genius. Last year the label released the fantastic debut album from the mysterious and secretive project Bell . In 2017 the label also released a CD edition of the fantastic demo, 'Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections, by Jyotiṣavedāṅga along with a CD edition of  Beelzebud's self-titled debut album.
2018 has just started in a very strong manner for the label as Cyclopean Eye Productions  has just reissued In Obscurity Revealed's debut demo, 'Spell of the Seeker,'  on CD. This new issue from Cyclopean Eye Productions features a bonus track, 'Alliance with the Ancient,' which didn't appear on the original release.
Read on for further information on this release along with an exclusive stream of the bonus track. Also included is a second track, 'The Path of the Shadow' which is also available to stream from the Cyclopean Eye Productions Bandcamp page.

"In Obscurity Revealed is a Death Metal band from Mexico City with one foot in the early Swedish Death Metal era and the other firmly planted in the legendary Floridian Death Metal scene. 'Spell of the Seeker' is a short yet complex EP with demonic vocals, vile guitar riffs and drums that pound forth from the abyssal depths. Imagine a vitriolic mix of early Carnage and Dismember with Necrovore and Altars era Morbid Angel and In Obscurity Revealed will be the bastard child that is vomited forth. This is a release that is relentless and all consuming from the word go and it leaves all in it's bloody wake in a sickening atmosphere of evil and unease."

Member Information:
F.M. - Bass, Vocals
Ocamach - Drums
D.C. - Guitars.

01 - Magnum Spectrum
02 - Seven Gates of the Sinister
03 - Law of Thelema
04 - The Path of the Shadow
05 - Alliance with the Ancient (bonus)
All rights reserved. ©Cyclopean Eye Productions, 2018.

'Alliance with the Ancient'  by In Obscurity Revealed is now available for €13, inclusive of worldwide registered shipping, from Cyclopean Eye Productions

All inquiries to mail@cyclopeaneye.com.

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