October 30, 2012

Filthy Review - 'Miami Connection'

Miami Connection (1987)

Review by Jude Felton

Miami Connection is the latest film to hit from Drafthouse Films, and it is without a doubt the most thought-provoking, deep and understated movie that I have had the pleasure to watch in recent years. Yeah, right! It is from Drafthouse Films, and it is a pleasure to watch, but the rest was an absolute crock; Miami Connection is batshit mental, chicken Oriental and an absolute blast! I’ve seen some crazy flicks this year, but this one has just leapt to the top of the basket-weaving brigade.

This lost film from 1987 is directed by the multi-tasking Y.K. Kim; an inspirational speaker, author, philosopher and fighter, who also stars in it, and follows the exploits of the kick-ass band Dragon Sound. They’ve been offered the gig at a local club in Miami, much to the displeasure of the former house band. Cue much fighting, biker gangs, Ninjas and drugs dealers, as they all try to dispose of Dragon Sound. Never fear though, this band have their hit song Against the Ninja in their arsenal, and they are not afraid to use it! Told you it was batshit mental.

In all seriousness, Miami Connection should not work, it just shouldn’t. There’s so much going on, some totally dodgy acting (including some outrageous dialogue), the most inept looking Ninjas I have ever seen, and some fight sequences that look to be choreographed by a stick. This should not work. But by the powers of Odin it does, and in spades. Miami Connection is an absolute riot of laughter and over-the-top action.

You get mullets, crazy 80s taches, bikes, horrible fist-pumping, talk of a world tour that takes in Ireland, Israel and Korea and cool, cool tunes. In fact this review, nor any other reviews that will be written about this film, will ever do it justice. Ever.

There are films that are serious in tone, in fact they demand a serious approach when watching them, but this is definitely not one of those films. It’s just a flat-out fun movie that wants you to laugh along with it. An example of the crazy dialogue that I mentioned earlier; “He’s my friend” to which the reply is “Friend??” and a swift punch to the face. Genius.

Now, Miami Connection is not going to float everyone’s boat, of that I am sure, but these folk already have their tickets to the loony bin stamped, ready for acceptance. This is a film for fans of the 80s and all the ridiculous elements that made some of them so much fun. It’s Commando, Enter the Ninja and Purple Rain, all thrown in a blender and then dubbed by Jackie Chan’s non-English speaking cousin.

Maybe I am overselling the film, but I don’t give a good shit; I laughed all the way through it and was glad of the relief in contrast to some of the more intense films that have surfaced of late. Miami Connection is due to hit theaters, and I just bet that this will be the best place to see it; a big crowd, a big screen and a ton of laughs. Get to it!

Miami Connection hits theaters on November 2nd, with a VOD and Digital release on December 12th. For a full list of theaters screening Miami Connection, and all other Drafthouse Films, check out this link: http://drafthousefilms.com/now-playing

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