August 31, 2013

'Copiii: The 1st Entry' picked up by Raven Banner Entertainment

L. Gustavo Cooper's upcoming fright flick, Copiii: The 1st Entry, has just been picked up by Raven Banner Entertaiment. Raven Banner acquired the worldwide rights to the film, which I eagerly await, which is terrific news as it now means we will all get to see it! Read on for more details, as well as the teaser trailer.

August 29, 2013

New website for Pearry Teo's 'Bedlam Stories' : Exclusive content!

Pearry Teo's Bedlam Stories is heading our way. The novel, which is written by Christine Converse, is released on October 13th, and there's a movie hopefully coming soon. I previously covered this here, which featured exclusive artwork, and now the new website is up and running, where you can pre-order the novel and access the exclusive Lair of Filth members area. Read on for more details!

Arrow set to deliver Tobe Hooper's 'Lifeforce' to Blu-ray

September 30th will see Arrow Video release Tobe Hooper's often overlooked space vampire yarn, Lifeforce, to Blu-ray. As well as the regular Blu, which features two different covers, it will also be released on a rather sexy looking Steelbook. After the break you can check out the alternate artwork, the Steelbook art and the special features. Looks like a beauty!

August 25, 2013

Everyone wants a '+1' : New trailer hits for upcoming IFC Midnight release

Last week the provocative new poster for IFC Midnight's +1 was revealed, which you can see above, and now they have released the new trailer. Directed by Dennis Iliadis, and starring Rhys Wakefield and Logan Miller, +1 is about three college friends who head out to the biggest party of the year, only to have a mysterious phenomena disrupt their plans for a good time. The film opens at select theaters on September 20th 2013. Looks good!