October 17, 2022

Os - Tehom - Press Release + Track Stream.

Press Release by Nathan T Birk.

Article posted by Trevor Proctor.

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present Os' highly anticipated second album, Tehom, on CD and vinyl LP formats.
Hailing from Hungary, the mysterious Os belong to the Bone Chapel Collective. Since their formation in 2014, they've released a demo, an EP, and their debut album, 2020's Stationes Viae Mortis. Now aligned with Iron Bonehead for the release of their second full-length, Os are poised to bring their world-eating sound up from the depths of the underground.

Armed with one of the thickest and scuzziest guitar tones around, the haunting ritualism that opens Tehom soon gives way to foulest filth: a crashing wave of disgusting, dingy riff-crunge somewhere between the most primitive bestial metal and Naked Whipping deathgrind. 
However, Os are exclusively driven by death energies, so lest anyone lumbers under the assumption that the quartet are but mere cavemen - although, that wouldn't necessarily be a slight to them in the least - unfold those tar-thick layers and feel the subtle tinge of the supernatural, the Beyond made manifest through simplicity of design. Indeed, Tehom is almost cruelly simple, but sublime is its feast...

01 - Opening (Intro)
02 - Gaze
03 - Submerge
04 - Inhale
05 - Dissolve
06 - Abyss.

Tehom by Os will be available on CD, 12" LP + digital formats via Iron Bonehead Productions from the 4th of November.

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