October 11, 2020

Mutilate - Rotting in Eternity's Hell - Exclusive Album Stream.


Mutilate - Rotting in Eternity's Hell - Iron Bonehead Productions.

Exclusive album stream by Trevor Proctor in agreement with Iron Bonehead Productions and N.T.B.

So far this year Iron Bonehead Productions has had a very impressive release roster and this is set to strengthen even further with the release of Mutilate's highly anticipated third album, 'Rotting in Eternity's Hell' on LP on the 14th of October.

Since formation in New York in 2017, Mutilate's audience has deservedly grown and with two demos and two albums released during their first eighteen months there's no doubting their determination and ability. Quite often quality and quantity don't go hand in hand but with Mutilate this is most definitely not the case as with each release their music has steadily improved, using the bedrock of their first album, 'Tormentium,' as the foundation on which to base their rapid ascent.
Iron Bonehead Productions' ability to seek out and develop underground talent is second to none and this is further proven with Mutilate as it will be their third full length release via Iron Bonehead, and another album that will certainly earn them more fans.  

In a time when our underground is plagued with false devotion from bands and fans alike it's heartening to see a band such as Mutilate create Death Metal that bows to no falsities and shuns trends. Featuring eight tracks across 33 mins 'Rotting in Eternity's Hell' is easily Mutilate's best work to date - this in itself is no mean feat when we consider how well their last album 'Contagion' was  received in 2019. 
This has been the longest period yet between releases for Mutilate but now the wait to hear their latest album, 'Rotting in Eternity's Hell' is finally over as it's available to stream below. 

I'd like to thank P.K. from Iron Bonehead Productions and Nathan T Birk for arranging and permitting this stream - give it a listen and you'll soon understand why this will be one of the year's best Death Metal releases for many...

Mutilate - Rotting in Eternity's Hell:

01 - Rotting in Eternity's Hell
02 - Arrogance Obscene
03 - Cold Embrace of Solitude 
04 - Parasites Infecting Parasites 
05 - As They Die 
06 - Blood of the Heretics 
07 - Sadistic Torture
08 - Dark Descent Through Time.

Rotting in Eternity's Hell by Mutilate will be available on LP via Iron Bonehead Productions from the 14th of October.

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