March 4, 2014

Filthy Music Review - 'Solstice UK: Death's Crown is Victory'

Solstice - Death's Crown is Victory (2014)

Into The Void Records (Invictus Productions) 

Review by Trevor Proctor

Death’s Crown is Victory is the first release from Solstice in thirteen years; founding member Rich Walker put all things Solstice on hold in 2002, and although he began putting the band back together in 2005 it would be 2011 before Solstice would return to rehearsing, gigging and touring. Worthy of note is the fact the band’s first gig with their new line-up was supporting Primordial’s 20th anniversary show in Dublin’s Academy on 24th September 2011, a massively successful gig for all bands involved.

March 3, 2014

Filthy Interview - 'Morfin'

We recently posted Trevor's review of Inoculation, which is the terrific new album from Californian Death Metal upstarts, Morfin. It's a fine album, and one I highly recommend checking out. Since that review, Trevor's also had the chance to launch a few questions in the direction of guitarist, Pedro, resulting in the following interview. Enjoy!