October 29, 2012

Raven Banner Entertainment acquire rights to 'The Eternal'

Some news just in that I have been eagerly awaiting is the news that Raven Banner Entertainment have just acquired the rights to the upcoming vampire flick, The Eternal. The film is co-written by, and will be directed by, Justin McConnell (The Collpased) and will star Michael Biehn. This is a project that I have been following since I first saw the teaser trailer, and I am happy that is it now going ahead. Full details below.

Toronto, ON – The worldwide rights to the upcoming horror/action film The Eternal were recently acquired by Canadian genre outfit Raven Banner Entertainment. The film,
co-written and to be directed by Justin McConnell (The Collapsed), currently stars genre icon Michael Biehn (Aliens, The Terminator, The Divide) and well-respected Canadian
actor Adam Kenneth Wilson (24 Hour Rental, Manson, Ending the Eternal). Production
is slated for Spring 2013. Additional cast will be announced in the coming weeks.

The film, written by McConnell, Wilson and the late Kevin Hutchinson, will be overseen
by prolific Canadian producer Avi Federgreen (High Life, One Week, Dead By Dawn 3D,Score: A Hockey Musical), executive producer Lorne Gross, McConnell, and the Raven Banner team.

“Samuel Gradius, a 500-year-old vampire, has lived far too long, and wants to die. Not
content with simple suicide, he decides to go out in the ways of old, in battle. Entrenched in a vicious mob-run city, he sets out to challenge the descendants of the great warriors he has faced in his past, in hopes of finding someone worthy.”

Raven Banner’s Michael Paszt says of the project “We’ve been looking for a cool
action/horror hybrid, and ‘The Eternal’ fits perfectly“. “It’s exciting for me to work with
Justin on this film. I really enjoyed his last film ‘The Collapsed’ and think this will be a
great follow-up” added Avi Federgreen. “I’m happy to work with the Raven Banner team
again, as they did a fantastic job getting my last film out to the world. They really seem tounderstand the project, and I can’t wait to finally get this film in front of an audience.”
stated McConnell. Veteran-actor Michael Biehn had this to say about the script: “When I
first read the script it reminded me of early James Cameron, and I knew I had to do the
film. I’m really looking forward to working with Justin. It’s going to be a fun movie.“
Raven Banner Entertainment Managing Partners Michael Paszt and James Fler negotiated the deal with Unstable Ground Inc’s Justin McConnell. The film will be represented at the upcoming American Film Market, as well as McConnell’s new feature documentary Skull World.

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