October 30, 2012

New poster for Singaporean movie 'Hotel de Sade'

As well as the poster for Synevir 3D (see previous post), Red Sea Media have also debuted the poster for the upcoming Singaporean thriller Hotel de Sade. Trailer and stills to come very soon, with the movie set for release in 2013. More details below.

Los Angeles, CA (October 29, 2012) - Red Sea Media released the poster art for its upcoming sexual thriller/horror, ‘Hotel De Sade.’   The film centers around a man named Zhang Li, who is dismantled after believing that he killed his daughter instead of saving her from kidnappers. He finds himself lured to China seeking solace in pain and blood at Paradise Hotel, where every carnal and beastly desire is satiated. With a savage boss, the terrifying Burnt Man at the helm of the underground brothel, no perversion is turned away. With a sudden revelation while at the brothel, Zhang Li must confront his worst fear to bring order back to his life.

Director Oman Dhas speaks on the film, “Hotel De Sade is a film with many deeply penetrating layers. Through a revenge plot, it explores the concept of evil, how it begins, grows, and overwhelms an average man. The idea comes from a simple, even noble, notion of the extremes that an honest man would go to in order to avenge an innocent person.”

‘Hotel De Sade’ is directed by Oman Dhas, written by Goh Ming Siu, and stars Fish Chaar, Debra Teng, William Lawandi and Joanne Marie Sim. The film is produced by Jeffrey Ong, Knot Hamidee and Hisham A. Karim.

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