December 20, 2016

Trevor Proctor's Top 25 Albums of 2016

The standard of albums we've been lucky enough to hear during 2016 has been exemplary to say the least. It's been another sterling year with some seriously good albums from both new and established artists.

December 19, 2016

Oraculum 2017 EP Teaser Video

Chilean Death Metal band, Oraculum, are set to release a new EP via Invictus Productions in early 2017 and we've been treated to the fantastic teaser video featured below:

December 11, 2016

Trevor Proctor's Top 25 singles, EPs and demos of 2016.

As with 2015 this year has been another exemplary year in terms of releases and keeping this list to 25 has proved even more difficult than previous. You may notice a few releases from 2016 absent from my list, such as Dead Congregation and Sadistic Intent as I'll not get my hands on them until Christmas and of course the new Teitanblood which hasn't been released at the time of writing. Also, the excellent 'Extermination Mass' by Death Worship will feature on my list for 2017 as, despite having a very limited release for the brilliant NWN! V Festival, it's early 2017 when it will have it's full, world wide release.
As with all articles on The Lair of Filth the bands and labels are linked so all you have to do is click on each band or label to be taken straight to their site or Facebook. As always, huge thanks and appreciation to everyone for their support during 2016.

December 4, 2016

Review - Master of Cruelty - Archaic Visions of the Underworld.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Swedish label Blood Harvest Records has just released the second full length album from Paraguayan Black/Death/Thrash band Master of Cruelty on LP along with Japanese label Deathrash Armageddon who released a CD version. During 2012 Blood Harvest Records released Master of Cruelty’s debut album, ‘Spit on the Holy Grail,’ on vinyl – a debut album that brought the band a lot of praise and attention and to date has been issued on CD, vinyl and cassette. ‘Spit on the Holy Grail’ was a furious attack of bestial, death influenced black thrash and an album that put the band on the road to underground notoriety. 

November 26, 2016

Review - Bölzer - Hero.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

From Zurich in Switzerland Bölzer has been creating and building extremely strong support within the underground since their inception in 2008. They are undoubtedly one of the most unique, and most important, bands to grace our underground in recent years; a duo that uses the simplest ingredients of voice, guitar and drums yet somehow manage to craft one of the most destructive and dense sounds out there.

November 20, 2016

N.K.V.D. - Totalitarian Industrial Oppression - Release information and triple track stream.

Created in 2005 by L.F., the genius behind industrial band Autokrator N.K.V.D. is a French Industrial Black Metal project that plays harsh, dark and oppressive Black Metal laced with Industrial influences, with themes based on history, power and dictatorship. 

November 13, 2016

BÖLZER - Album Release Information and track stream.


Press Release Information.

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present BÖLZER's massively anticipated debut album, Hero. Hailing from Switzerland, BÖLZER are one of the most unique entities the metal underground has birthed in years. For one, BÖLZER are proudly and resolutely a duo, using the barest essentials of voice, guitar, and drums and yet creating one of the densest, most world-eating sounds around. For another, the duo have wisely and patiently parceled out their recordings, with a lone nine songs to date across three records - 2012's Roman Acupuncture demo, 2013's Iron Bonehead released Aura EP, and 2014's Soma EP - judiciously chronicling the band's evolution into one of the most critically acclaimed metal bands in recent memory. And yet, "critical acclaim" has never been a part of BÖLZER's agenda: their commitment is to their art alone, but it just so happens that word-of-mouth built organically (and feverishly), especially on the strength of their devastating, soul-draining live performances, where they can recreate every aspect of their records in the flesh. 

And at long last, flesh is given to a full-length album, and it bears the characteristically idiosyncratic title Hero. Here, in many ways, BÖLZER break from their past. Rich 'n' resonant clean vocals often take center stage, lending an alternately mournful/majestic quality to the duo's earth-juddering bulldoze. Likewise, the production across Hero is categorically cleaner than their grime-coated EPs, which dynamically enhances the spiraling melodicism that explodes into being here. Suitably, the songwriting itself takes on dazzling new contours, wending 'n' winding with even more fluidity - and certainly more daring - than the band's epic-yet-effortless EPs. And yet, for however seemingly radical these developments are - ultimately, they shouldn't be that "radical" in the hands of capable and sincere artisans - it all sounds like BÖLZER, both what they were, what they can be, and most especially, what they currently are. Every aesthetic suggestion, every subtle nuance, every thing left unsaid in the past: here on Hero, it's all harnessed into a molten maelstrom that's ever more unique (and alien) because it's unshackled itself from expectation. It is, in a word, heroic. But what is the meaning of Hero? Discover for yourself, plunge into that maelstrom, and let BÖLZER be your guide.

Hero by BÖLZER will most definitely be one of the year's finest albums and will be available via Iron Bonehead Productions from the end of November.

November 7, 2016

Press Release Information: Black Witchery - Evil Shall Prevail.

Black Witchery - Evil Shall Prevail DLP.

Full Press Release Information. (C. Conrad)

During its nearly 20-year history, Black Witchery has appropriately earned recognition as one of the most important cults of bestial black metal, and black metal in general, ever to have emerged from North America. Under its original moniker, Witchery, the band released two demos before changing its name and then went on to produce an EP and two split recordings before unleashing its masterpiece full-length debut, Desecration of the Holy Kingdom, in 2001.

October 31, 2016

Review - Spectral Voice + Phrenelith Split 7” EP.


Spectral Voice + Phrenelith  7” Split EP.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

With 2016 proving to be even more productive than 2015 in terms of releases it’s very easy for some titles to slip under the radar, especially when we also consider a lot of the underground media is focusing on some very high profile and highly anticipated releases. One such underground gem recently released that should not slip our attention is a 7” split featuring two very promising bands that are relatively new to the underground. The split is a co-release from two of the underground’s finest labels, Iron Bonehead Productions and Dark Descent Records, and features two excellent up-coming bands, both of whom have yet to release a full length album – Spectral Voice and Phrenelith

October 23, 2016

Review - Death Fetishist - Clandestine Sacrament.

Death Fetishist - Clandestine Sacrament.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Since inception in 2010 Ævangelist has been a leading creative force in extreme underground music and since the release of their debut EP ‘Oracle of Infinite Despair’ in 2011 they have also been one of the most prolific bands around, releasing four Eps, two split releases, a live album and four full length albums – aside from their debut EP and debut album all of these were released since June 2013.

October 16, 2016

Review - Verberis - Vexamen.

Verberis - Vexamen

Review by Trevor Proctor.

The standard of underground bands originating in New Zealand is exemplary with Heresiarch, Diocletian, and Ulcerate being just a few examples that spring to mind, and that’s before we even consider bands that originated in New Zealand and have since split up or relocated to other countries. Just as exemplary is the standard of music released by Iron Bonehead Productions whose release roster is competed with by very few and bettered by none. It was Iron Bonehead Productions who first brought New Zealand band, Verberis, to our attention in 2014 when they released Verberis’ demo, Vasitas, on digital formats in April and on cassette in June of the same year. 

October 9, 2016

Review - Blood Division - Traitors to the Gallows.

Blood Division - Traitors to the Gallows.

Cyclopean Eye Productions. (

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Blood Division come from Singapore in South East Asia and formed at the start of 2009 by M. and C. with the intention of creating a hate filled and blasphemy fuelled blend of Black/Thrash and Crust Punk that is extremely violent, anti-religion and anti-political. Their first demo ‘Grip of Power’ was released on cassette at the end of 2011 in a limited quantity of 180 by Witchhammer Productions from Thailand and shortly after Blood Division played their first live show, opening for Danish band Nuclear Death Terror at a gig in Singapore. 

October 2, 2016

Exclusive Track Stream and Interview - Arkaik Excruciation.

Thanks to Nuno from Caverna Abismal Records The Lair of Filth is once again proud to reveal an exclusive track stream and interview with another underground band - Spain's Arkaik Excruciation. Please read on for an insight into the band and access the track at the foot of the interview. 

September 25, 2016

Review - Deathcult - Beasts of Faith.

Deathcult - Beasts of Faith CD / LP.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

From Zurich, Switzerland, Deathcult formed in 2010 but it would be 2012 before they released their debut recording, ‘Demo ’12, which was released by Invictus Productions as a limited edition cassette of which only 100 were ever made available. However, the standard of Death Metal featured on the demo prompted no less than three re-releases – Invictus Productions reissued the cassette in June 2014, followed by a CD edition in March 2016 which in turn was followed by a vinyl edition from Iron Bonehead Productions in May 2016. 

September 18, 2016

Press Release Re-Issue Information - Conqueror (Canada) War.Cult.Supremacy DLP/DCD+DVD

Conqueror (Canada) - War.Cult.Supremacy DLP/DCD+DVD.

Full Press Release Re-Issue Information.

Conqueror began its campaign of devastation in 1992 with the union of the uncontrollable and aggressive drumming of J. Read (Cremation, Revenge, Axis of Advance) and the cacophonous guitar of R. Forster (Domini Inferi, Blasphemy). From this combination came a surge of hatred and violence yet unmatched in extreme metal. After the demo Antichrist Superiority, in which Conqueror sharpened the blades of its tools of war, the band turned its attention to crafting the one of the most cataclysmic and savage black/death records ever produced.

September 11, 2016

Caveman Cult Interview with The Lair of Filth

Floridian Black/Death band Caveman Cult has been causing a bit of a stir in our underground of late, their debut demo 'Rituals of Savagery' has been released on no less than four formats and debut album 'Savage War is Destiny' has also been released to widespread acclaim. With a split release to be shared with up-coming Irish band, 'Coscradh' also due in the future via underground label Invictus Productions I thought it was time we caught up with the band to find out a little more - read on for a full interview with drummer, Rick, and a sample of their seriously good music at the foot of the interview.

September 4, 2016

Two Way Split Review - Demonomancy / Witchcraft - Archaic Remnants of the Numinous / At the Diabolus Hour - split LP/CD.

Demonomancy/Witchcraft - Archaic Remnants of the Numinous/At the Diabolus Hour - split LP/CD.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Nuclear War Now! Productions recently announced details of a split release due in September featuring Demonomancy from Italy and Finland’s Witchcraft. Both bands first shared a stage at NWN! Fest Vol IV in 2014 and will share a stage again at this year’s fest, and both have also joined forces to bring us what could turn out to be one of the year’s best split releases. Both bands are seen by many as being two of the most promising primitive black/death groups of recent years who could well end up being major influences on our future generation of underground music. This split will feature two tracks from Demonomancy and three from Witchcraft with the CD currently available and a vinyl edition to follow in September.

August 28, 2016

Review - Amphisbaena - Amphisbaena MLP + CD.

Amphisbaena - Amphisbaena MLP / CD.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Over the years Canadian bands have supplied us with some of the best underground extreme music around with Antediluvian, Mitochondrion, Revenge and Adversarial being just a few examples of the extremely high standard of bands to originate on Canadian soil. Following months of hints and rumours another entity emerged from the Canadian underground at the tail end of 2015 in the form of Amphisbaena.

August 21, 2016

Review - Spire - Entropy

Spire - Entropy

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Back in June The Lair of Filth brought you details of Spire’s debut full length which is now close to its release via Iron Bonehead Productions.  Due to the high standard of music featured on ‘Entropy’ I thought it only fitting to review this highly anticipated album and also bring you a track stream. Coming from Queensland in Australia Spire has maintained a shroud of secrecy since their inception in 2007, keeping details of membership etc. minimal. 

August 7, 2016

Exclusive Interview and Demo Stream - Hegemony - Demo MMXVI

Hegemony is an extreme black/death metal group that was formed in Birmingham, Alabama, in 2015. Their music has drawn comparisons to the likes of Diocletian and Revenge and with their Demo MMXVI  due for re-release via U.K. label Goatprayer Records in the coming weeks I thought it was time to try and find out a little more about this secretive group. 

August 1, 2016

Review - Oniricous - La Caverna de Fuego.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Oniricous is a Spanish Death Metal band that performed under the name Ghül from 2005-2011 then as Oniricous from 2011 onwards. Their first release under the name Oniricous was debut full length Ritos Diabólicos which was released on CD by Razorback Recordings in April 2013. Ritos Diabólicos was very well received, so well received that it prompted Spanish label Equinox Discos to release a vinyl version in June 2015. It was on release of this version the band first came to my attention, thanks to Eduardo from Equinox who was kind enough to send me a promotional copy. I was very impressed with Oniricous on first listen; Ritos Diabólicos is a very strong album and fully deserved the vinyl release from Equinox Discos

July 24, 2016

Review - Temple Nightside - The Hecatomb.

Temple Nightside - The Hecatomb

Review by Trevor Proctor.

The most recent release from Temple Nightside was the superb ‘Call of the Maelstrom’ split LP which they shared in February 2015. Released by Iron Bonehead Productions ‘Call of the Maelstrom’ was an outstanding LP with both bands on absolute top form and on reviewing it I had no hesitation whatsoever in awarding it 10/10 along with second place on my list of top 25 albums from 2015

July 18, 2016

Three way split review - Lord of Depression, Infernal Sacrament + Tetragrammacide - 'Atomic Regurgitation from the Three Mouths of Humanicidal Hate.'

Lord of Depression, Infernal Sacrament + Tetragrammacide - 'Atomic Regurgitation from the Three Mouths of Humanicidal Hate.'

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Split releases are always a great means of discovering and hearing new music from bands you may or may not heard of previously – you know the score with them, fairly often there’s at least one band you may not have heard much from in the past. This was recently the case for me when I ordered the CD version of this split from exceptional label and distro, Cyclopean Eye Productions earlier this year. I discovered Tetragrammacide when they released their harsh yet brilliant EP, ‘Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ’ via Iron Bonehead Productions in October of last year and since then I was able to source this split along with Tetragrammacide’s ‘Tetragrammacidal Oration’ demo tape from Cyclopean Eye

July 13, 2016

'Clown' Screams Onto Blu-ray and DVD!! - Full Details

If you ask me, there'll never be enough horror flicks featuring clowns. Fortunately we have a new one heading our way next month. From producer Eli Roth and director Jon Watts, the new horror flick Clown, will at last be getting a Blu-ray and DVD release courtesy of Dimension Films and Anchor Bay Entertainment!

July 4, 2016

Exclusive interview and album stream - Pale Mist "Spreading my Wings into the Abyss that Calls."

The Lair of Filth is proud and honoured to bring you not only an interview with UK Black Metal entity Pale Mist but also a full and exclusive stream of the new album "Spreading my Wings into the Abyss that Calls." I would like to take this chance to thank Pale Mist for both the interview and also the exclusive album stream, and I'd also like to thank our mutual friend who first put us in touch.
Read on for a in-depth insight into this long established UK underground band and listen to some truly exceptional underground Black Metal.

July 3, 2016

Sarcofago to reissue their classic Rotting EP.

No one can deny the influence Sarcofago have, and will continue to have, on our underground. Whilst I can't and have no intention of knocking any of their recordings the Rotting EP remains one of their best and most influential releases. The last time Rotting was issued on CD was as far back as 2002 when it came out via Cogumelo Records. The unbelievable news for us is this September the Rotting EP will be reissued via Greyhaze Records and the even better news is this reissue will come with an exclusive live DVD - interested? Read on for some of the best news you'll hear this year...

June 26, 2016

Review - Hellsworn - Repulsive Existence EP.

Hellsworn - Repulsive Existence EP.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Based in the U.K.'s Midlands Death Metal band Hellsworn has been in existence since 2010. With a line up consisting of members / ex members of bands such as She’ol (שְׁאוֹל), Scythian, Qrixkuor and Funeral Throne there’s no doubting Hellsworn’s pedigree and experience within the U.K. underground. 

June 19, 2016

Review - Grey Heaven Fall - Black Wisdom.

One of the joys that comes with reviewing music is from time to time you come across bands and music you may not have heard of as promptly were it not for the promotional email hitting your inbox. In today’s digital age, which also happens to be an age of relevant austerity, physical promo copies are few and far between but now and again I’ll be contacted by a label or band looking to send physical CD's or vinyl for review. It’s happened a few times so far and I’m extremely grateful to every label that has ever sent me any form of their music. This happened recently when Russian label Aesthetics of Devastation got in touch to see if they could send me their most recent release, “Black Wisdom” by Grey Heaven Fall who come from the Podolsk region of Moscow.

June 13, 2016

New album release information - Spire - Entropy.

Spire set release for new album, Entropy, from Iron Bonehead Productions.

Press release by N.T.B.

Iron Bonehead Productions has set August 19th as the international release date for Entropy, the highly anticipated debut album of Australia's Spire. Shrouded in a mystique as shadowy and ominous as their moniker, Spire have seen a slow 'n' steady evolution since their formation in 2007, releasing a self-titled EP in 2010 and then the murky 'n' majestic Metamorph EP in 2011. So enthralled by the fathomless expanses of the latter, Iron Bonehead saw fit to release Metamorph on 12" vinyl before the close of 2014. The stage was thus set for Spire's inevitable debut album...and at last, it arrives in Entropy.

June 5, 2016

Review - Blut Aus Nord + Ævangelist - Codex Obscura Nomina.

Blut Aus NordÆvangelist - Codex Obscura Nomina.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Having been a fan of Ævangelist and Blut Aus Nord for a while the recent announcement from Debemur Morti Productions stating they will release a split album featuring new tracks from both artists in June more than piqued my interest. Blut Aus Nord and Ævangelist are two of our world’s most intriguing artists and a release showcasing both is nothing short of sublime. The release which is entitled Codex Obscura Nomina will be available on CD and digital formats from the 17th of June and will feature four tracks from Blut Aus Nord along with a twenty two minute track from Ævangelist

June 2, 2016

New Clip from Producer Eli Roth's Clown!

It has been a long time in coming, to US shores, but at last the Eli Roth produced Clown (directed by Jon Watts) will be getting a US release. Set to hit theaters and VOD on June 17th, from Anchor Bay Entertainment and Dimension Films, Clown is sure to be another film that coulrophobics will avoid! Check out a new clip from the movie, below, as well as the official trailer!

May 29, 2016

Review - Front - Iron Overkill

Front - Iron Overkill

Review by Trevor Proctor.

This June Iron Bonehead Productions is set to unleash the highly anticipated debut album from Finnish band Front. The band formed during 2015 and was quick to release their debut demo which was simply titled “Demo 2015,” also released by Iron Bonehead Productions. The demo features three tracks across a mere twelve minutes and is a quality slab of devastating violence which generated the band some deserved attention within the underground. Front will keep this momentum going at the end of June when they are set to release their first full length album, “Iron Overkill.”

May 22, 2016

Iron Bonehead Productions Two Way 7" Review - Ill Omen / Slaughtbbath + Seventh Xul

During May Iron Bonehead Productions is set to bring us two highly anticipated 7” releases. On the first Australia’s Ill Omen join forces with Chile’s Slaughtbbath to release an exclusive and new track each and the second 7” is a re-issue of an extremely rare and sought after gem from our underground’s past – Seventh Xul’s  Qliphothic Rites of Death 7” EP – both are set for release at the end of the month.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

May 15, 2016

Two Way Blood Harvest Review - Maleficence and Cadaveric Fumes.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

May will see Sweden's exemplary label, Blood Harvest, bolster it's high standard release roster with two excellent releases from two of the underground's up-coming bands - Maleficence and Cadaveric Fumes.

May 8, 2016

Autokrator Interview

With a second fantastic album, "The Obedience to Authority," coming a mere thirteen months after their self-titled debut, I thought it was time we caught up with Autokrator to find out some more about this French band that's currently amassing a significant following within the underground…

April 30, 2016

Interview - Asphodelus

Finland's Cemetery Fog  are a band I've followed, supported and reviewed here at The Lair of Filth for quite a while now, both Shadows from the Cemetery and Towards the Gates were exceptional releases. In January they announced a name change to Asphodelus and soon after released the excellent Dying Beauty and the Silent Sky 12" MLP. With new music and a new name I jumped at the chance to interview the band and find out what's been going on.....

April 24, 2016

Interview - Paroxsihzem

Given that I recently reviewed Paroxsihzem's latest EP, "Abyss of Excruciating Vexes" and also considering the fact I've been a fan of the band for quite a while it didn't take long to decide to take the band up on their kind offer of an interview. See below for a fascinating insight into one of Canada's greatest underground bands...

April 20, 2016

Review - Qrixkuor - Three Devils Dance.

Qrixkuor - Three Devils Dance  

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Qrixkuor was formed in 2011 but it was 2014 before their first demo, “Consecration of the Temple” which was followed at the end of 2015 by their Rehearsal 09/15 demo. Consecration of the Temple sold out four cassette pressings with the rehearsal demo selling just as quickly, also currently sold out which is testimony to the talent and potential of this band from the start. Qrixkuor will keep this momentum going with the release of their highest profile music yet; their Three Devils Dance EP which is set to be released by Dublin’s Invictus Productions on CD at the end of April.

April 3, 2016

Review - Abyssus - Once Entombed.

Abyssus - Once Entombed (compilation) 

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Abyssus is a Greek death metal band formed in 2011, between then and 2015 they released number of EP and splits with their debut release being the “Monarch to the Kingdom of the Dead” EP which came out in 2012. Since then they released three split recordings and a further EP before releasing debut album, “Into the Abyss,” in October 2015. “Into the Abyss” was received by media and fans alike with a fair degree of positivity and helped bring the band to a wider audience than before. Just released from recently established label, Transcending Obscurity Classics, is “Once Entombed” which is a collection of material previously released on split and EP recordings. 
There’s a mouth-watering nineteen tracks for your listening on Once Entombed, which features their split with Slatgrav, the “Summon the Dead” EP, their split with Nocturnal Vomit, their debut EP “Monarch to the Kingdom of the Dead” and a further two tracks in the form of covers from Slayer and Death. This compilation places all nineteen tracks in reverse chronological order and as such tracks and illustrates the evolution of this very promising band. Also, as stated, another factor that makes this release even more worthy of support is the fact it’s the debut release from new label, Transcending Obscurity Classics, which is a sub-label of India’s pioneering label, Transcending Obscurity. Once Entombed was released at the end of February and the albums artwork, which is the creation of MFA, also features on a recently produced t-shirt.

Not to be confused with UK extreme underground band, Abyssal, Abyssus’ name is inspired by the Latin phrase “Abyssus Abyssum Invocat,” which means “Deep calls to deep” and is taken from Psalms 42:7. 
There's little or no need to separate and dissect each period/release covered in this compilation as it’s just too good from start to finish to start comparing each release featured individually. Once Entombed is laced with quality from the off and aside from a very slight difference in sound quality between some of the recordings, which could only be expected given the time between releases, there’s very little to separate the most recent tracks from the older ones. Many have been quick to lazily compare the band to Obituary but there’s so much more going on here than mere Obituary worship. Admittedly, there's an obvious similarity between logos and granted, when you first hear Kostas’ vocal on opener, “Phobos,” you can’t help but compare the style to John Tardy but there’s also traces of raw d-beat/crust/punk leanings and influences at play quite often, a fact perfectly illustrated by their second track which is a cover of The Exploited’s “Chaos is My Life.” 
Also, throughout this lengthy compilation, which spans fifty five minutes, there are a lot of varied influences to be heard with third track, “Morbid Inheritance” along with the likes of “Left to Suffer” and “Unleash the Storm” showing thrash influences more than any style of Death Metal. There’s also a number of great covers to be heard on “Once Entombed” and when you consider the bands covered - The Exploited, Sodom, Asphyx, Death and Slayer you can sum up what to expect from Abyssus’ own music. 
If you like top notch old school death metal peppered with loads of first rate thrash and some d-beat/crust/punk elements thrown into the mix for good measure you’ll love this – an absolute gem of a release and one that’s well worth getting as it’s fifty five minutes of quality music that flies past, and the reason it flies past is this variation in sound and style. 

Obituary clones? Absolutely not. 8.5/10.


01 – Phobos
02 - Chaos Is My Life (The Exploited cover)
03 - Morbid Inheritance
04 - Summon the Dead
05 – Sacrifice
06 - Remnants of War
07 - Outbreak of Evil (Sodom cover)
08 - Days of Wrath
09 - Remnants of War
10 - Left to Suffer
11 - Unleash the Storm
12 - Deathhammer (Asphyx cover)
13 - Servants to Hypocrisy
14 – Reprisal
15 - Left to Suffer
16 – Compromised
17 - No Tolerance
18 - Sacred Serenity (Death cover)
19 - Postmortem (Slayer cover)

 Once Entombed is currently available on digital and cd formats from Transcending Obscurity Classics.

March 27, 2016

Review - Paroxsihzem - Abyss of Excruciating Vexes

Paroxsihzem - Abyss of Excruciating Vexes 12" MLP.

Hellthrasher Productions.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Canada’s Paroxsihzem formed back in 2007 and their first music came as demos in 2009 and 2010 - Aesthetic Torture was released in 2009 and their self-titled demo was released in 2010. However, it was their debut album released in 2012 which was also self-titled, that first drew my attention to the band. Dark Descent Records released it on CD with a subsequent vinyl release from Hellthrasher Productions a year later.

March 24, 2016

'The Tell-Tale Heart' DVD and VOD release details

April 5th will see the release to DVD and VOD of the Edgar Allan Poe inspired movie, The Tell-Tale Heart, from Alchemy. The film stars Rose McGowan and Peter Bogdanovich, among others, and is directed by John La Tier. Full details can be found below.

March 22, 2016

Alejandro Amenábar's 'Regression' set for Blu-ray and DVD release

Regression, which is the latest thriller from The Others director, Alejandro Amenabar, is all set to hit Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On Demand from Anchor Bay Entertainment on May 10th. It stars Ethan Hawke, Emma Watson and David Thewlis. By all accounts I have been looking forward to this since I first caught the preview a few months back. Read on for more details, as well as the trailer and a batch of stills from the movie.

March 20, 2016

Two Way 7" Review - Suspiral & Galvanizer (Equinox Discos)

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Here at The Lair of Filth we’re committed to bringing you information about bands that are established as well as relative newcomers. To this end I’ve reviewed releases from two relatively new bands that you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the future – Suspiral and Galvanizer, both of which have recently been released via Spanish label, Equinox Discos. I’d also like to express huge appreciation to Eduardo from Equinox Discos for once again bringing some fantastic music to my attention - thanks Edu!