Filthy Writers


Trevor Proctor

I have a very wide taste in music and will give almost anything a listen. Being in my mid forties hasn’t mellowed my taste in music nor slowed my attendance at gigs, which I try to go to as often as possible.

I see music as being very subjective – one man’s fun is another’s hell, and just because you don’t like something it doesn’t mean it’s no good, and all that...  Honesty’s the best policy so if I don’t like something it’ll be obvious, but you’ll also know all about it if I do.

Jude Felton

Horror and extreme music is, and will always be, my passion and that will be reflected by the majority of the content here.  I always give my own skewed and unique look at movies and music, and you can rest assured that if I like it I will let you know about it, regardless of whether that is a popular opinion or not. I never place limits or boundaries on what I will review, after all variety is the spice of life. So, expect the unexpected from time to time. Originally from the UK, I now reside in the U.S. I currently also write for HorrorHound magazine in the U.S. as well as contribute to Shock Horror magazine in the UK.

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