February 17, 2019

Doombringer (Poland) - Walpurgis Fires Press Release + Track Stream.

Press Release text by J. Campbell - sent via Nathan T Birk.

Article by Trevor Proctor.

For over a decade, Poland’s Doombringer has consistently produced a hybrid strain of extreme sound: the stalwart machinery of death metal adorned in the opaque cloth of black metal. With only two demos and a few EP tracks foreshadowing its debut album, the band’s sparse discography is a testament to the meticulous curation of its body of work. 

February 3, 2019

Death Worship - End Times MLP - Press Release + Track Stream.

Press Release text by C. Conrad - sent via Nathan T Birk.

Article by Trevor Proctor.

With its highly anticipated debut recording, 'Extermination Mass,' Death Worship emerged in 2016 to write the next chapter in the storied legacy of the Ross Bay Cult. Whereas many bands over the years have striven to claim a position atop the mantle of bestial black metal, the incomparable lineage of Death Worship’s members and the pitiless assault on the feebleness of human existence as evidenced in this first recording confirmed it as one truly worthy of such a distinction.  

January 29, 2019

Popiel - Undying Insurmountable Chaos - Full Demo Stream + Release Information.

Article by Trevor Proctor and Popiel in agreement with Iron Bonehead Productions.

Iron Bonehead Productions is unbeaten when it comes to signing and releasing new underground music from all parts of the globe, deservedly bringing it to a much wider audience worldwide. Their release roster regularly features new underground talent and, yet again, they have just released pure underground genius in the form of 'Undying Insurmountable Chaos,' the debut demo from Popiel.
Read on for further details from the band along with a full stream of their demo and details of how to purchase what will be one of 2019's most destructive releases.

January 20, 2019

Blue Hummingbird On The Left - Atl Tlachinolli - Press Release + Track Stream.

Press release by Nathan T Birk.

Article by Trevor Proctor.

Iron Bonehead Productions, in conspiracy with Nuclear War Now! Productions and Crepúsculo Negro, is proud to present Blue Hummingbird On The Left's long-awaited debut album, Atl Tlachinolli, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.