July 1, 2011

Review - The Collapsed (2011)

The Collapsed (2011) (Screener)

Review by Jude Felton

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine, someone once sang. If only that was really the case. We all know that when civilization comes crashing down around our feet we won’t feel fine, because let’s face it chances are it’s not going to be a pleasant experience. In director Justin McConnell’s The Collapsed the world, or maybe just Canada, has seemingly come to a grinding halt, the majority of the population has been wiped out and few that remain either live in a constant state of fear, or are themselves the cause of the fear.

Scott Weaver (John Fantasia), his wife Emily and two teenage children Aaron and Rebecca are four survivors of the catastrophe that has befallen the world. They live a perilous existence in the city where danger could befall them at any time. Their plan is to make it to the country where they hope the threat of violence is not so prevalent. Getting there though is a mission in itself with the threat of attack a very real worry. It soon becomes apparent though that it is not just other humans they have to fear but something far more mysterious.

While the storyline may seem to have a familiar feel to it, it is in the execution where The Collapsed differs from similar movies. McConnell has crafted a very deliberate and methodical movie. This isn’t filmmaking for the attention challenged viewer, as whilst there are a few action set-pieces the movie very much focuses on Scott and his family and their reaction to what is going on around them. Scenes linger rather than flash onto the screen and everything is accompanied by a quite terrific score which compliments events rather than intrude on them.
This isn’t a special effects laden movie, there are a few shots of destruction in the city which I can only guess as being some surprisingly effective CGI and scenes involving gunplay and violence are bloody but never gory.

Where The Collapsed may split audiences is in the fact that the film asks more questions than it gives answers to, which in turn leaves a lot resting on the viewer’s imagination. If you are looking for a movie that spends the last ten minutes or so explaining absolutely everything to you I am afraid you will leave a little upset. If however you prefer a movie that doesn’t spoon feed you then I think you will get far more out of it.

Visually impressive with a solid cast carrying the story from start to finish, The Collapsed was an impressive slice of cinema. It was engaging, tense and in at least one scene managed to shock me in the direction that the plot took.

The Collapsed is definitely a film for the patient viewer and for my money another score for good solid independent filmmaking.

June 30, 2011

Coming Soon - Phase 7

Argentinian apocalyptic horror flick Phase 7 will be hitting AMC theaters on July 13th, 15th, 20th and 22nd. It's part of the Night Terrors series of releases from The Collective, AMC and Bloody-Disgusting.com. That's all lovely jubbly, but I don't have an AMC theater anywhere near me... I do like the idea though and it is good to see some original horror getting some sort of theatrical release. Check out the list below to see if it is playing near you.

PHASE 7 mixes satire, humor, horror and social commentary in a way that reminds viewers of the arch SHAUN OF THE DEAD and the savvy claustrophobia of [rec].  In the film, Coco (Hendler) has just moved to a new apartment with his wife Pipi (Stuart), who’s seven months pregnant.  At first, they don’t seem to notice the growing chaos around them, but when authorities quarantine their building after a deadly pandemic breaks out, Coco joins forces with his off-kilter, but well-prepared and stocked next-door neighbor Horacio to defend his refrigerator and keep Pipi safe.  Meanwhile, outside the building, Buenos Aires—and the world as the apartment denizens know it, is disappearing. The world is ending; got ammo?

Directed and written by Nicolás Goldbart; produced by Sebastian Aloi; executive produced by Steven Schneider (InsidiousParanormal Activity); starring Daniel Hendler (LOST EMBRACE); Jazmín Stuart (THE PARANOIDS); Yayo Guridi (LOS RODRIGUEZ); and Federico Luppi (PAN’S LABYRINTH)

Bloody Disgusting AMC Theatres List

AMC Theatres - Barton Creek Square 14
2901 South Capital of Texas Highway
Austin, TX 78746-8101
(888) 262-4386

AMC Loews Theatres - White Marsh 16
8141 Honeygo Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21236-8202
(410) 933-9428

AMC Loews Boston Common 19
175 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 423-5801

AMC Theatres - Concord Mills 24
8421 Concord Mills Boulevard
Concord, NC 28027
(704) 979-0200

AMC River East 21
322 East Illinois Street
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 596-0333

AMC Theatres - South Barrington 30
175 Studio Drive
South Barrington, IL 60010-7142
(847) 765-2262

AMC Easton Town Center 30 with IMAX
275 Easton Town Center
Columbus, OH 43219
(888) 262-4386

AMC Star Theatres - Fairlane 21
18900 Michigan Ave
Dearborn, MI 48126-3929
(313) 982-0015

AMC Theatres - Orange Park 24
1910 Wells Road
Orange Park, FL 32073-2325
(904) 264-5071

AMC Theaters - Independence Commons 20
19200 East 39th Street
Independence, MO 64057

(816) 795-1430

AMC Theatres - The Block 30
20 City Boulevard West
Orange, CA 92868-3100
(714) 769-4288

AMC Burbank 16
125 E. Palm Ave.
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 953-2932
AMC Theatres - Sunset Place 24
5701 Sunset Drive
South Miami, FL 33143-5369
(888) 262-4386

AMC Theatres - Rosedale 14
850 Rosedale Center
Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 604-9344

AMC Theaters - Elmwood Palace 20
1200 Elmwood Park Boulevard
New Orleans, LA 70123-2313

(504) 733-2029

AMC Theatres - Empire 25
234 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036-7215
(212) 398-2597

AMC Theatres - Clifton Commons 16
405 Route 3 East
Clifton, NJ 07014-1911
(973) 614-0966

AMC Theatres - Quail Springs Mall 24
2501 West Memorial Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
(405) 755-2466

AMC Downtown Disney 24
1500 E Buena Vista Dr.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-8422
(407) 827-1308

AMC Theatres - Westgate 20
9400 West Hanna Drive
Glendale, AZ 85305-3137
(623) 772-1371

AMC Loews Theatres - Waterfront 22
300 Waterfront Drive West
Homestead, PA 15120
(412) 462-6550

AMC Theatres - Mission Valley 20
1640 Camino Del Rio North
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 296-2737

AMC Theatres - Mercado 20
3111 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054-1832
(408) 919-0282

AMC Metreon Theater 16
101 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 369-6000

AMC Theatres - Pacific Place 11
600 Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 652-8908

June 29, 2011

Coming Soon - The Matrimony

It wasn't so long back that I reported that Dimension Extreme were getting back in the game. Well now it would appear that the excellent Tartan, now Palisades Tartan, are back with their Asia Extreme imprint. The next release being The Matrimony from director Teng Hua-Tao. It's set for a July 26th release. The movie was actually made back in 2007 but is only now seeing a U.S. release.

Set in a beautifully recreated 1930’s Shanghai, Junchu (Leon Lai) has fallen into a profound state of depression after witnessing his girlfriend’s tragic death on the day he was set to propose. Unable to forget Manli, and living in a tortured state of denial and guilt, Junchun’s domineering mother decides to marry him off to Sansan (Rene Liu), a beautiful young woman who she believes will lift her son’s spirits. The marriage starts off loveless and unconsummated, but Sansan is determined to win his love. One day the ghost of Manli, still pining for her former lover appears to Sansan. The two quickly strike a deal; Manli will help the new bride, but only if she can temporarily enter Sansan’s body so that she can reconnect physically with her former lover one last time. The plan goes too well and as Junchu begins to fall in love with Sansan, Manli turns from friendly and helpful to jealous and vengeful.

Label: Palisades Tartan Asia Extreme
Genre: Supernatural horror
Rating: Not Rated (Special Features Not Rated/Subject to Change)
Language: Mandarin (English Subtitles)
Format:  DVD and Blu-ray
Running Time:  Approx 87 Minutes (Plus Special Features)     

THE MATRIMONY is presented in Anamorphic Widescreen, with Stereo Sound.

·         Cast & Crew Interviews
·         Behind the Scenes Footage
·         Teaser trailers

June 28, 2011

The Dead Rise In Poland In New Flick Wataha

Got to thank my man John Pinch for bringing this one to my attention. Hailing from Poland and director Wiktor Kiełczykowski is Wataha. It's due for a release in October in I guess its native Poland. Once I get news on a worldwide release I will be sure to post it.

Update: I just received an email from Wiktor who informs me that the release was put back until October due to some issues with sound, but they have just finished the editing. He is also informed me that they are currently in talks with regards to getting a Canadian release with hopefully a US release to follow.

Near future. The world as we know it on the decline, dominated by the so-called "transformed". Four deserters from the western front travels Europe looking for a safe place. In the great woods stretching for miles, the car refuses to obey. Seeking shelter for the night, stumble upon an old forgotten hotel in the middle of the forest, which as it turns hiding a family.

June 26, 2011

REC 2 Coming To DVD At Last

After a hell of a long wait, I reviewed this last year, REC 2 is finally set to hit DVD on July 12th. As sequels go it is a very good one, and you can check out my review here. Anyway, I must have missed it when Sony picked it up (my screener is from Magnolia Picture's imprint Magnet) but Sony are indeed releasing it here in the States.

The highly anticipated sequel to one of the scariest films of all time, [REC]2 picks up 15 minutes from where we left off, taking us back into the quarantined apartment building where a terrifying virus runs rampant. What they find inside lies beyond the scope of medical science – a demonic nightmare more terrifying than they could possibly imagine. 

Special Features: 
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Behind the Scenes Featurettes

  • A Walkthrough of the Set

  • [REC] 2 On Tour

  • Sitges Film Festival Press Conference