November 16, 2018

Exclusive Track Stream - Konflict - Inflict Konflict.

Article by Trevor Proctor in agreement with Cyclopean Eye Productions.

Premier underground Indian label, Cyclopean Eye Productions and The Lair of Filth have formed a strong alliance in recent years through mutual support and respect combined with several reviews and exclusive track streams. Now, this alliance is set to further strengthen with yet another world exclusive track premier. Read on for details and an exclusive track from one of 2018’s most devastating releases, along with a second track stream, ‘Trigger Universal Conflict, ‘which is currently available from the Cyclopean Eye Productions Bandcamp page.

The growing influence of Cyclopean Eye Productions within the underground should not be underestimated – this was the first label to bring us music from bands such as Genocide Shrines and Jyotiṣavedāṅga and since formation in 2010 Cyclopean Eye Productions has brought us a very steady number of influential releases. 
The label’s release roster was significantly bolstered during 2018 with a re-issue of In Obscurity Revealed’s demo, ‘Spell of the Seeker,’ on CD, a CD version of ‘Secrets from a Distant Star’ by secretive project Bell and a CD version of Abominablood’s lethal 2018 EP, ‘Abomination Continues.’                                                                                                                          
Now, Cyclopean Eye Productions is set to round off 2018 in the strongest of manners by releasing digital and CD versions of ‘Trigger Universal Conflict’ by another of Sri Lanka’s most destructive bands, Konflict

Konflict combines elements of grindcore, harsh noise/industrial, death and black metal to create an intense and violent style of music that isn’t for the faint hearted – whilst I’m not one for comparing bands to others if you had to draw comparisons you could go with the likes of TetragrammacideJyotiṣavedāṅga or Genocide Shrines with grindcore and harsh noise/industrial elements thrown in for good measure.                                        
Konflict’s first release was the ‘Cyanide Resolution’ 7” EP which was released in August 2014 but it would be the following year before Konflict would receive a wider, and much deserved, degree of prominence through the release of their split with Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes. This split was originally released by Cyclopean Eye Productions on cassette in a very limited quantity of 66 copies but the music was of a high enough standard to justify a wider release from Cyclopean Eye Productions in May 2016 when they issued the split on CD. It was at this stage that the underground really sat up and took notice of this release and the very high standard of music from both. Such was its popularity that Cyclopean Eye Productions took the bold, and brave, step of releasing it as a vinyl LP – this was the label’s first ever vinyl LP release and shows the faith which the label has in both bands.

With this being only Konflict’s third release since their debut EP in 2014 it’s a case of quality over quantity with the band but the quality of music on ‘Trigger Universal Conflict,’ is extremely high and makes for their most accomplished release to date and also features vocals from A.K. Berserker on two tracks. 
If you like your music harsh, abrasive and downright intimidating this is definitely for you…..

The Lair of Filth - Exclusive Track Stream:

Second Track Stream - via Cyclopean Eye Productions Bandcamp:

01 - Finish It Off (The Way It Has To Be Done)
02 - The Sword Which Is Mightier Than The Pen
03 -  Ayang Winaasanaama Kalo (This is the Age of Destruction)
04 - Inflict Konflict
05 - White Van Death Squad Protocol
06 - Trigger Universal Conflict.

Trigger Universal Conflict by Konflict will start shipping from the 5th of December via Cyclopean Eye Productions on CD and Digital Formats - please follow this link for pre-order details.

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