October 28, 2012

Filthy Review - 'Some Guy Who Kills People' UK Blu-ray

Some Guy Who Kills People (2011)

Review by Jude Felton

This review will be slightly shorter than usual, not because it doesn’t warrant a longer one; it’s because I previously reviewed the US DVD release and if you have read that you will know that I think this is a truly terrific movie. This review is for the UK Blu-ray release, and yes they got it on Blu back across the pond!

The plot of the film concerns Ken, he’s a bit of a loner who suffered at the hands of bullies whilst back in high school. He now works at the local ice cream parlor has a potential love interest and is getting to know his estranged 11 year daughter. The trouble is the kids that picked on Ken are now starting to turn up dead, in some rather delightfully gruesome ways.

Some Guy Who Kills People is one of the rare occasions where a film takes a few different genres, with horror, comedy and drama, throws them in a blender and the results end up being superb. The balance in the script, from Ryan Levin, is just spot-on and Jack Perez’s direction takes the material and turns it into a most enjoyable movie.

Kevin Corrigan, in the lead role of Ken, shows once again what a good actor he is, although he is almost upstaged by a hilarious turn from Barry Bostwick as the local Sheriff. All the cast though nail their roles, and as such do complete justice to the script.

Now, watching Some Guy Who Kills People on Blu-ray was a most pleasant event. I mean, the US DVD release looked good and is definitely worth picking up, but in HD it looks even better. The film itself is fairly low-budget, although that doesn’t mean it can’t look good, and it does here. Some Guy Who Kills People is actually the first release from Grimm Entertainment via Koch Media, who are the same folk that run the Grimm Up North horror fest in Manchester, England, and they have started with a really good one.

For a start, the cover artwork on this release is far better than its US counterpart, and encompasses the feel and tone of the film far better. There is also an audio commentary from Levin and Perez, which is informative and entertaining, even if it is a little disjointed at times, and there’s also a Behind the Scenes segment, both of which are on the US disc. One thing that did disappoint me about the UK release is the absence of Ryan Levin’s short movie, and inspiration behind Some Guy Who Kills People, The Fifth. It’s a bloody funny short and a real shame that it is not included.

I still have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this UK release though, especially as the Blu-ray is region free (ignore any literature that tells you otherwise). Personally speaking I am eager to see what Grimm Entertainment decides to release next!

Some Guy Who Kills People is available now in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray from Koch Media

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