December 2, 2015

Iron Bonehead set to unleash debut album 'The Bloodwine of Satan' from Canada's Hostium

Here at the Lair we are massive fans of the output from Iron Bonehead Productions. They keep finding it, and we keep lapping it up. So, it comes as no surprise that we get excited whenever news of a new releases comes our way! On January 11th 2016, Iron Bonehead will be unleashing the debut LP, The Bloodwine of Satan, from Canada'a Hostium. A CD version will be released on the same day via Necroshine.

November 29, 2015

Two Way Tape Review - Ripping Death – Tales of the Ripper & Necrosemen - Vglns

Review by Trevor Proctor.

As the end of 2015 approaches the steady tide of underground greatness that we’ve been bombarded with during the year thankfully shows no sign of abating. Two releases due in December will see two of the undergrounds most respected labels, Iron Bonehead Productions and Blood Harvest; bring us cassettes most worthy of our attention as they bring us two absolute beauties. Two very different styles of death metal yet two essential listens……

Review - Eucharist - Demise Rites

Eucharist – Demise Rites 12” MLP

Iron Bonehead Productions.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Two of Iron Bonehead’s best traits are its ability to sniff out talented bands from far flung corners of metal’s underground, in the process plucking first rate music from potential obscurity and bringing it to a wider audience. This is certainly the case for one recent release from their roster as the label has just brought us Demise Rites from Australian band, Eucharist, as a special vinyl 12” MLP.