January 8, 2016

Filthy Giveaway - The Visit Blu-ray - Closed

Many years ago, back when I was just a wee filthy snapper of a kid, I used to spend many vacations with my Grandparents. However, none of them proved to be quite as terrifying as the events of The Visit. This is the latest, and one of his best, movies from M. Night Shyamalan, and it was just released on Blu-ray and DVD by Universal on January 5th, as well as being available on Digital. The Visit contains a great blend of chills mixed in with some humorous moments, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Now, one lucky reader can win a copy of The Visit on Blu-ray. Read on, my friends...

Filthy Giveaway - The Green Inferno Blu-ray - Closed

A belated Happy New Year, to you all!! We hope all you have a grand 2016. To help celebrate the new year, Universal have a bevvy of new horror releases to help satiate our collective desire for scares and, in the case of Eli Roth's The Green Inferno, bloodlust. Released on Blu-ray and DVD on January 5th, and also currently available on Digital, it's a whimsical tale of student activists that head on down to the glorious depths of the Amazon, only to fall foul of the natives. Roth has delivered a wonderful homage to the Italian cannibal flicks of yore, and one lucky reader can snag themselves a copy of the film on Blu-ray, courtesy of our good friends at Universal and Thinkjam. 

January 6, 2016

A final glance back at 2015 with two essential compilations - "Die...Hard" by Sarcofago and "Invocations of Darkness" by Vassafor.

Before turning my attention to 2016 and some of the beauties it’s already set to bring us I felt it was only right to take a quick look back at two very important releases from the tail end of 2015 that are absolutely essential purchases. This isn’t a review as such, just a bit of info on compilations that feature material not previously available on CD from two of the underground’s greatest bands – Sarcofago and Vassafor.