April 27, 2012

Asylum Blackout from IFC - Trailer and Poster

IFC Midnight have been busy bee's of late, bringing new films to VOD pretty much every week. You can now add Asylum Blackout to this list. The film is set to debut on IFC Midnight Cable VOD and these digital outlets, (SundanceNOW, iTunes, Amazon Streaming, XBOX Zune, Playstation Unlimited) on May 4th. I have the full synopsis and trailer below for you to check out.

Red Band Trailer for Hick

On May 11th Phase 4 Films will be releasing the Derrick Martini directed Hick, theatrically and on Ultra VOD, a film which I previously covered here. Now, just ahead of its release date, I have the red band trailer and some lovely new stills to share with you.

After Dark Action's El Gringo - Poster, Trailer and more!

El Gringo is one of the movies playing the After Dark Action fest, which will hit theaters on May 11th, and truth be known this is the one I am probably most excited about. The reason? Scott Adkins. If you have seen any of his previous flicks, such as Undisputed 2 and Undisputed 3, you will know that he is one hell of an action star. In El Gringo he stars with Christian Slater, and below you can check out the trailer, of which there is plenty of claret, and some stills from the flick. Also of note, especially for my fellow metalheads, and that is that Manowar have recorded a new tune for the film! Sneaky peak below as well.

First Teaser Poster for The Bunny Game takes your breath away

July will see the release, to Blu-ray and DVD, of director Adam Rehmeier's controversial The Bunny Game. Autonomy Pictures will be releasing the film, which has been banned in my old stomping ground, the UK, and they have just released the first teaser poster. Entitled Breathe, as you can see above, it is sure to further stir the pot, and good luck to it!

International Poster Debuts for Oren Peli's Chernobyl Diaries

Oren Peli has become something of a phenomena thanks to the success of the Paranormal Activity movies. Next to hit the big screen, with Peli as producer and Bradley Parker directing, is the intriguing looking Chernobyl Diaries, which I am excited to see. Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros will be unleashing the film in the States on May 25th, and today saw the unveiling of the new international poster, which you can see above.

April 26, 2012

Carnage aplenty promised in Bunnyman 2

One pissed off bunny and a chainsaw. That's what you are going to get in the upcoming Bunnyman 2.Currently in post production, director and producer Carl Lindbergh hopes to have the film released later this year. Bunnyman 2 is, surprisingly enough, the follow-up to 2009's Bunnyman. I tell you what though, the trailer has plenty of claret and viscera on display and it looks like the film may well be a blast to watch. Check it out below bunny lovers!

Troma's Father's Day 3 Disc Blu Details

One of the most twisted movies I have seen in years is Troma's Father's Day, which isdirected by Astron-6, it's just bloody mental. On the 12th of June, which also happens to be Father's Day, Troma will be unleashing the 3 disc Blu-ray/DVD/Soundtrack release of this delight. You can check out my review of the movie here, or just keep on reading for more details.

Filthy Review - 11-11-11: The Prophecy

11-11-11: The Prophecy (2011)

Review by Jude Felton

The latest film from Darren Lynn Bousman to see a home release is a considerable departure, in a couple of areas, for the director. Bousman who has previously brought us the incredibly visceral films, Saw 2-4, Repo: The Genetic Opera and Mother’s Day, has taken a rather low-key approach to this film. For a start you may, or may not, notice that this is the first of his films to garner a PG-13 rating and it does not contain the graphic violence he is probably known for. Instead he has written, as well as directed, a film that goes for the chills rather than the bloody thrills. Is it a successful departure? All will be revealed, so to speak.

IFC to bring us Entrance - New Poster and VOD Details

Opening at select theaters and on IFC Midnight VOD, and these Digital Outlets (SundanceNOW, iTunes, Amazon Streaming, XBOX Zune, Playstation Unlimited), on May 18th is the latest release from IFC Midnight.

News update about The Profane Exhibit

Quite some time back I wrote a short piece about the upcoming anthology, The Profane Exhibit, which features short movies from a whole slew of cool directors; including Ryan Nicholson, Richard Stanley and Yoshihiro Nishimura. To that list you can now include Jose Mojica Marins, as well as contributions from Chris Vrenna. Full details are below in the official press release.

April 25, 2012

Welcome to Hell! Updated with new VOD date

News just in that the Roland Emmerich produced thriller Hell, which is directed by Tim Fehlbaum, is set to hit VOD on August 9th and DVD on August 21st. I have the brand new artwork above for you to check out, and the full synopsis below. Personally I am getting a Sunshine, Book of Eli and Mad Max kind of vibe from it, but time will tell, I am sure.

(The VOD date has now been brought forward to July 10th)

April 24, 2012

Welcome to 1988...In the House of Flies is coming

Director Gabriel Carrier and Writer Angus McLellan's follow-up to 2010's If a Tree Falls has just come through its post production and is now a completed movie. That movie is In the House of Flies and it is now set to hit the festival circuit throughout the remainder of 2012. I have the full details, including the brand new trailer, which is rather good I must say, below.

The Phantom returns in Love Never Dies

Not so long ago I reviewed the quite excellent Blu-ray release of Phantom of the Opera Live at the Royal Albert Hall (you can read that review here). Now the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, is set for its own Blu-ray and DVD release. Universal Studios Home Entertainment will be releasing both versions on May 29th, and I have full details on both below.

The excellent Absentia set to hit UK DVD

One of the best horror films I saw last year was Absentia, directed by Mike Flanagan, and it made my year end list. Soon UK viewers will get the chance to pick up this spooky little number, as it hits DVD on July 9th from Second Sight.

April 23, 2012

Chronicle - Blu-ray and DVD Details

Hitting Blu-ray, in a special Lost Footage edition, and DVD on May 15th from 20th Century Fox, is the sci-fi thriller Chronicle. The Blu-ray edition, as you can see above, will also contain DVD and Digital copies of the film, and both the theatrical and director's cut. Full details, as well as some stills and behind the scenes photo's, are included below for your viewing pleasure.

New Posters for Area 407

Two new posters have arrived for the upcoming found footage flick Area 407. Which one do you prefer? The film opens on IFC Midnight VOD, Digitally and at select theaters on April 27th. After the break you can read the full synopsis and check out the trailer.

High School Red Band Trailer Debuts

I previously posted news about the upcoming comedy High School here, and today I just received the new Red Band trailer to share with you all. The movie is set to hit theaters on June 1st from Anchor Bay.

After Dark Action's Stash House - New Trailer

The latest movie from the After Dark Action series of releases (for more info click here) to have its trailer and poster debut is Stash House, which stars Dolph Lundgren and is directed by Eduardo Rodriguez. You can view the trailer and check out some stills below.

Damages Season 4 - DVD Details

Fans of the legal drama Damages, starring Glenn Close and John Goodman, will be pleased to know that Season 4 is set to hit DVD on June 26th from Sony Home Entertainment. It will be released in a 3 disc set and will contain all 10 episodes. Full details below.

April 22, 2012

Filthy Review - Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except

Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except (1985)

Review by Jude Felton

As a teen horror fan growing up in the 80s there was always movies that I kept seeing mention of, yet never got a chance to see for whatever reason. Josh Becker’s Thou Shall Not Kill…Except was one such movie. The main reason being is that is stars Evil Dead director Sam Raimi, plus is has one of the coolest film names ever. Thou Shalt Not Kill; boring. Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except; super cool.

Filthy Review - Penumbra

Penumbra (2011)

Review by Jude Felton

Some movies definitely benefit from not knowing too much about them, before you watch them. For some reason many trailers and promotional pieces like to dissect the entire movie for you, making it easier to digest. Or is it a case of the film not being easy to categorize, therefore the need to reveal too much about the plot? Well, I never reveal too much, in fact I find writing about the plot to be tedious and a tad pointless. Sure, you’ll get the basic outline and a few bits and bobs, but I will not walk anyone through the film.