January 29, 2023

Guest 2022 Top 10 Release Listing - Brahmastrika.


Those of you who are familiar with my posts at The Lair of Filth will be well aware of my support for bands from Kolkata which has now spanned several years with many ties formed between myself and members of  Kolkata Inner Order Propaganda.
I was extremely honoured when Brahmastrika, one of Kolkata's strongest bands was willing to compile a Top 10 release listing for 2022 which is made up of a Top 5 from each band member.
Thanks to Alpha and Omega for agreeing to submit their listing and also for the time taken compiling it - I would also like to thank nāḥāš from Aparthiva Raktadhara for his contact with Brahmastrika on my behalf.

As I've often stated year-end listings are a great way of catching up music you may have missed during the year and for me this was certainly the case with Brahmastrika's selections - there's some seriously lethal music included in this listing, a lot of which I downloaded or ordered on hearing - some fantastic underground music without a doubt.

Full streams of all previous Brahmastrika releases are included at the bottom of this article for any of you who may not be familiar with their work.

Links to previous 2022 year-end listings:

Alpha's top 5 releases from 2022:

5. Masonna / Prurient - AnnihilationismHospital Productions.

"Years in the making split full length of brand new material of ‘harshtronics and exclamation’ from Japan’s Masonna and ‘doom electronics’ by America’s Prurient. Arranged in alternating sequence with one track from each artist until burning annihilation." (Taken from the Prurient Bandcamp page.)

4. Bog BodyCryonic Crevasse CultProfound Lore RecordsStygian Black Hand.

Debut album from New York's Bog Body.

3. Saastunut Verta syvyyksien MestarilleIndependent.

Debut release from Finland's Saastunut.

2. Verberis Adumbration of the Veiled Logos - Norma Evangelium DiaboliIndependent.

Second album from Germany's Verberis, their previous being 2016's 'Vexamen.'

1. Black Cilice -  Esoteric Atavism - Iron Bonehead Productions.

Sixth album from Black Cilice and with a total of twenty six releases since 2009 there's no doubting the importance of Black Cilice within our underground.

Omega's top 5 releases from 2022:

Atmospheric Black Metal that's definitely worthy of our attention.


4. Visions of Yōkai One Unknown in the Depths of the Depths - Independent.

Third release from California's Visions of Yōkai. At the time of writing there were digital copies available with a cassette re-issue planed by Murder on Ponce and a vinyl edition also planned by Goatowarex.

3. Αχέροντας - Malocchio ​-​ The Seven Tongues of ΔαημωνZazen SoundsIII Damnation ProductionsBlack Hearts Records.

Ninth full length from Greek band Αχέροντας.

2.  - S/T - Independent Åon RecordsASRAR.

Debut release from which translated from Japanese means Samurai.

1.  Shrapnel of Malediction -  Metaphysical SupremacyBerserk Ritual Productions.

Debut demo from south Korea's Shrapnel of Malediction who are members of the 444 Reich which features many bands including Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes, Scorn, Sewerhermit and Thy Sepulchral Moon.

Previous Brahmastrika releases:

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