September 18, 2016

Press Release Re-Issue Information - Conqueror (Canada) War.Cult.Supremacy DLP/DCD+DVD

Conqueror (Canada) - War.Cult.Supremacy DLP/DCD+DVD.

Full Press Release Re-Issue Information.

Conqueror began its campaign of devastation in 1992 with the union of the uncontrollable and aggressive drumming of J. Read (Cremation, Revenge, Axis of Advance) and the cacophonous guitar of R. Forster (Domini Inferi, Blasphemy). From this combination came a surge of hatred and violence yet unmatched in extreme metal. After the demo Antichrist Superiority, in which Conqueror sharpened the blades of its tools of war, the band turned its attention to crafting the one of the most cataclysmic and savage black/death records ever produced.