December 29, 2015

Jude Felton's Top 25 Albums of 2015

It has to be said that 2015 has been a strange year, for one reason or another, and my review output has seriously suffered, due to this. This, however, has not curbed my voracious appetite for checking out new music and spreading the good word when possible, and this year has been another good one! There's always folk that'll complain saying every single year is shit, in terms of musical output, yet I rarely find that to be the case; there is always good new music out there, and I found an abundance in 2015.

December 21, 2015

Trevor Proctor's Top 25 Singles, EP's and Demo's of 2015.

As with my top 25 LP list it was always going to be difficult selecting 25 of the best 7", EP and demo releases that we were blessed with during 2015. With a steady flow of quality during the year I'm sure I've forgotten or missed something, another exemplary year and another nightmare trying to keep the list as short as 25.
The band and labels within this list are linked so click on each band or label name to be taken straight to their site or Facebook page. Cheers for stopping by and I hope something here sparks an interest.....

December 16, 2015

Trevor Proctor's Top 25 Albums of 2015.

As with 2014, this year has been lethal in terms of releases for extreme metal with many sterling releases from all corners of the globe from established and new bands alike. The only down side with such a prolific year is whittling the releases into a top twenty five at the end of the year. Throughout the year we’re always as objective as possible when reviewing but when it comes to the year-end listings it’s a totally different matter as what gets placed where is totally down to personal tastes and preferences. It's easy to be a critic when you’re reading these types of lists and whilst I doubt anyone would have a top 25 exactly the same I do feel you’ll agree the standard of the music herein can’t be questioned.

December 12, 2015

Interview - 'Vacivus'

Since formation in June 2013 Vacivus has experienced a significant rise to prominence within the UK’s metal underground. With an EP that sold out in a matter of weeks, a CD issue and a number of live performances during which they shared the stage with Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum and She’ol, here at The Lair of Filth we thought it was time we caught up with the band to find out a little more. 

December 2, 2015

Iron Bonehead set to unleash debut album 'The Bloodwine of Satan' from Canada's Hostium

Here at the Lair we are massive fans of the output from Iron Bonehead Productions. They keep finding it, and we keep lapping it up. So, it comes as no surprise that we get excited whenever news of a new releases comes our way! On January 11th 2016, Iron Bonehead will be unleashing the debut LP, The Bloodwine of Satan, from Canada'a Hostium. A CD version will be released on the same day via Necroshine.

November 29, 2015

Two Way Tape Review - Ripping Death – Tales of the Ripper & Necrosemen - Vglns

Review by Trevor Proctor.

As the end of 2015 approaches the steady tide of underground greatness that we’ve been bombarded with during the year thankfully shows no sign of abating. Two releases due in December will see two of the undergrounds most respected labels, Iron Bonehead Productions and Blood Harvest; bring us cassettes most worthy of our attention as they bring us two absolute beauties. Two very different styles of death metal yet two essential listens……

Review - Eucharist - Demise Rites

Eucharist – Demise Rites 12” MLP

Iron Bonehead Productions.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Two of Iron Bonehead’s best traits are its ability to sniff out talented bands from far flung corners of metal’s underground, in the process plucking first rate music from potential obscurity and bringing it to a wider audience. This is certainly the case for one recent release from their roster as the label has just brought us Demise Rites from Australian band, Eucharist, as a special vinyl 12” MLP.

November 8, 2015

Two Way Review - "Resuscitation - Eviscerated Divinity" (7” EP) + Denial (Mexico) - "11°22?.?4'N 142°35?.?5'E" (7" EP)


Review by Trevor Proctor.

The following review features two 7" EP releases from two of the undergrounds finest labels - Iron Bonehead Productions and Blood Harvest. It's very easy from time to time for 7" releases to slip the attention but these are two very strong EPs and you'll most definitely want to give them a listen...

Two Way Review - Caecus - Affliction 7" EP & Hellish (Chile) - Theurgists Spell 7" EP

Review by Trevor Proctor.

From Malmo in Sweden Blood Harvest is one of those labels you know to be reliable when it comes to the quality of their releases -  the label brings out, on average, ten to fifteen releases per year, quite a few of which will be 7” Eps and most of which will be seriously good. Already this year they’ve brought us first rate music from Maleficence, Ascended Dead and Void Ceremony, the three of which were reviewed here. Another piece of brilliance from the Blood Harvest camp this year was a 7” EP from Mexico’s Denial, another absolute belter that scored 10 out of 10 in a recent review, also reviewed here. To further improve what’s already been a very prolific and successful year Blood Harvest will bring us another two underground 7” gems at the end of November.

October 30, 2015

Horror is back in Poughkeepsie! Full details on Hudson Horror Show 12

Without a doubt one of the best horror shows I have been to, is the Hudson Horror Show up in Poughkeepsie, New York. This is the show that enabled me to see my absolute favorite horror flick in 35mm, that being Fulci's House by the Cemetery, along with such gems as Phantasm 2 and Re-Animator. I've not had the chance to get to it, for the last few times, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my work schedule has conflicted with it, and secondly it sells out so damned quickly, due to its increasing popularity. Now its back with its 12th installment, and instead of just screening its 6 films on one screen, they've expanded to two. So, now more can enjoy the goodness in 35mm!!

October 19, 2015

Review - Under the Church - Rabid Armageddon.

Under the Church - Rabid Armageddon 

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Formed in 2012 by ex-Nirvana 2002 members, Erik Qvick and Lars Henriksson, Under the Church has one sole purpose – to bring us raw and pure death metal in the old school vein.

October 11, 2015

Review - Abyssal – Antikatastaseis.

Abyssal – Antikatastaseis (2015)

Profound Lore Records (CD) Iron Bonehead Productions (Gatefold DLP)

Review by Trevor Proctor.

One of many positive factors with reviewing music is the volume you’re lucky to have access to, occasionally bringing bands to your attention that you may not have heard about as quickly were it not for that promotional email hitting your inbox. This was certainly the case for me when Iron Bonehead Productions gave the excellent “Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius” by Abyssal a thoroughly deserved vinyl release back in January 2014. “Novit…” had previously been released on CD during 2013, first by the band then by Profound Lore Records and also got released on cassette by the UK’s Exitium Productions.

September 27, 2015

Two Way Review - 'Pentagram Chile + Unaussprechlichen Kulten Split 7” EP' + 'Venefixion – Defixion Demo.'

Iron Bonehead Productions.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Very few labels can match Iron Bonehead Productions in terms of quality of output and even fewer still can match them in terms of productivity. Combine these two factors and you’ll be hard pushed to come up with more than a few labels whose release rate is matched only by their quality of output. To this end, and in a vain attempt to keep up with this exemplary release roster, the following review features shorter reviews on two upcoming releases from this pillar of the underground, one which features two established bands, and the other featuring a new band you’ll most definitely want to check out.

September 18, 2015

Interview: Kaotoxin Records' Nicolas Williart

Here at The Lair we've been fortunate to be able to bring you interviews with some of our favorite independent labels from around the globe. This is something we will be continuing, for as long as they want to answer our questions! Now, without doubt, one of my personal favorites, and Trevor's, is the French label, Kaotoxin. Their releases have featured heavily on these pages over the past few years, with one hitting my number one spot on one of our end of year lists, and they will continue to do so I am sure. Recently, Trevor had the chance to bombard Kaotoxin kingpin, Nico, with a barrage of questions, to which he duly replied with this mammoth interview. Read, enjoy and then hit up the Kaotoxin store!! - Jude.

September 12, 2015

Review - 'Dalkhu - Descend...Into Nothingness'

Dalkhu - Descend...Into Nothingness. (2015)

Satanath Records / Darzamadicus Records (CD) 

Iron Bonehead Productions (LP) 

Godz of War / Third Eye Temple (Cassette)

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Once again, Iron Bonehead Productions has brought us another great release from the underground in the form of a vinyl version of Dalkhu’s latest album, “Descend…Into Nothingness” which was released on CD via Satanath and Darzamadicus records during August, with Bonehead’s vinyl version following on the 4th of September. Also worthy a mention is the album will also be released later in the year on cassette by Godz of War / Third Eye Temple.

September 6, 2015

2 Way Review - 'Haemophagus / Mausoleum + Blasphmachine / Goatlusting Chaos.'

Here at the Lair of Filth we’re committed to bringing you information on some of the best music the underground has to offer from far flung corners of the globe. To this end I (Trevor) have just reviewed two recent 7” split releases from four bands that may have slipped under your radar yet thoroughly warrant at least a listen by your good selves.

August 23, 2015

Interview - 'Veiled'

In the past we, at the Lair, have reviewed, and been thoroughly impressed with both releases from the atmospheric Black Metal band, Gnosis of the Witch. You can check out those reviews here and here, and you'll see just how enthused we were over them! Now, there's bad news and there's good news... The bad is that Gnosis of the Witch are no more (more details below), but the good news is that Veiled have risen from the proverbial ashes and you are going to want to check them out. We're also very fortunate to have conducted this interview with Veiled main man, N, so read on for more!

Interview by Trevor Proctor.

August 11, 2015

Review - 'Blasphmachine - Salvation'

Blasphmachine – Salvation (2015)

Misanthropic Generation Media (Cassette) DunkelheitProduktionen (CD) 

Review by Trevor Proctor

Independent Swedish cassette label Misanthropic Generation Media started bringing us some of the most obscure, yet brilliant music last year when they brought us the exceptional demo from Svärta, PåFörtvivlansKrön, in August and since then there’s been a pretty steady supply of top quality music from the likes of Black Demon Rites and Ovaryrot, amongst others.

August 4, 2015

Review - 'Shroud of the Heretic - Unorthodox Equilibrium'

Shroud of the Heretic - Unorthodox Equilibrium (2015)

Iron Bonehead Productions

Review by Trevor Proctor

Back in March 2014 I was fortunate to review “Revelations in Alchemy,” the debut album from Shroud of the Heretic which was released on 12” vinyl and cassette by Blood Harvest Records and Parasitic Records respectively. Revelations was a brilliant album and still gets regular listens - if you haven’t got it yet see it as your starting point for this band, you’ll not be disappointed.

July 31, 2015

Filthy Music Review - 'Krisiun: Forged in Fury'

Krisiun – Forged in Fury (2015)

Century Media

Review by Jude Felton

Brazilian death metal titans are one of those bands that, whilst certainly well known, and arguably Brazil’s most popular metal band after Sepultura, have never quite hit the metal world’s collective consciousness to the degree that I certainly feel they should. They are certainly magnificent workhorses of the genre, with the trio consistently releasing quality music over the past 20 years or so.

July 26, 2015

Filthy Music Review - 'Dawn of Chaos: The Need to Feed'

Dawn of Chaos - The Need to Feed (2015)

UKEM Records

Review by Trevor Proctor

Formed in 2000, UK underground death metal group Dawn of Chaos soon established a reputation as a tight and brutal unit, both on stage and also for their studio releases. They released two EPs in 2000, Shotgun Surgery and Twelve Gauge Lobotomy, with no further output until 2006 when they brought us their “Dead Shall Walk the Earth” demo. Many people view the band as a separate entity from its origins to that from 2006 onwards due to significant line-up changes. 

July 24, 2015

Review - 'Vacivus: Rite of Ascension'

Vacivus – Rite of Ascension (2015)

Goatprayer Records

Review by Jude Felton

Over the past couple of years we’ve been treated to some cracking releases from UK based Goatprayer Records. Austerymn’s In Death..We Speak, Bode Preto’s Inverted Blood and Napalm Christ’s self-titled demo being just three that have kicked my ass. So, as is usually the case with this track record, I had high expectations for their release of Vacivus’ 5 track release, Rite of Ascension. These were expectations that were met, and surpassed.

July 16, 2015

Interview - "Invictus Productions'

Ireland’s Invictus Productions is a completely independent label that’s grown to become a major force in metals underground, bringing us some of the finest music the underground has to offer. I (Trevor) got the chance to catch up with the label’s founder and boss, Darragh O’Laoghaire, to delve a little bit into the workings of the label and the man behind it.

July 9, 2015

Filthy Music Review - 'Taatsi: Olden Folk'

Taatsi – Olden Folk (2015)

Aphelion Productions

Review by Jude Felton

One of the absolute joys of reviewing new music is discovering that gem of an album, the one that on any other day you may have skipped over, but it just so happens that you decided to check it out, and you are so damned glad you did. Such was the case with Amidst the Trees, which was the debut album from Finnish ‘Nature Mystical Black Metal’ band, Taatsi. However, even then I didn’t fully appreciate how good it was, with an 8/10 review. Good marks for sure, however, it ended up on my top 20 albums of 2014, such was the impact it had on me.

July 8, 2015

Interview - 'Iron Bonehead Production's PK'

Totally independent and boasting one of the most impressive release rosters the underground has to offer, Iron Bonehead Productions is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. I (Trevor) was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to ask its founder and head honcho, PK, a few questions about the label and its continued success.

July 1, 2015

Band Profile - 'Impure Ziggurat'

Impure Ziggurat is a French black/death metal band currently causing a bit of a stir within the depths of metals underground. The band was formed on 21st December 2012 by CDRK, guitarist, and RM the drummer – a significant date to the band as it was the date of their first rehearsal. Impure Ziggurat’s membership was completed early in 2013 when they were joined by long-time friends, TR (Necroblood) and LDV who also plays in Svart Crown.

June 25, 2015

Review - 'Outre: Ghost Chants'

Outre - Ghost Chants (2015)

Third Eye Temple / Godz of War

Review by Trevor Proctor

Polish Black Metal group, Outre, was formed in Cracow during 2012 but it would be early 2015 before their debut album, Ghost Chants, would see the light of day and this was in fact their first release since 2013 when they brought us a split with Thaw which came out on the heels of their Tranquility EP earlier that year.

June 16, 2015

Interview - 'Undead'

Last month, Trevor reviewed False Prophecies, which is the debut album from death metal enigma, Undead. It's an album that we all enjoyed, here at Filth HQ, with its authentic, top-notch death metal assault. So, we are exceptionally happy that band members Necros and King Oscuro took time out of their schedules for this interview!

June 8, 2015

Filthy Review - 'We Are Still Here'

We Are Still Here (2015)

Format: Online Screener

Review by Jude Felton

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to my favorite film, horror or otherwise, of 2015. If you read no further than the previous sentence, I hope it has enticed you to check out this absolutely phenomenal new horror film. It’s not a remake, rehash, re-imagining or reheating, of any other film. Yes, it does firmly entrench itself in the classic horror feel of the late 70’s/early 80’s, however it is a fresh, vital and absolutely beautiful new film.

Filthy Movie Review Double Bill - 'Der Samurai and The House of 100 Eyes'

In this reviewer’s humble opinion, Artsploitation Films was one of the most exciting film distribution companies about. They released films such as Wither, Toad Road, Hidden in the Woods and Memories of the Dead, to name but a few. These were films from all over the globe that took the viewer on wild, imaginative and quite often very gruesome journeys. In a genre where re-issues and re-releases reign supreme, here was a company that was willing to take risks with their releases. Then, without warning, all went quiet. Had Artsploitation ceased to exist? Maybe the fact that their catalogue was only available on DVD, rather than giving us a Blu-ray option had something to do with it? Who knows? What I do know, is that they are back, stronger than ever, with a schedule that should make the more adventurous film fan salivate, and in this review I take a look at the first two titles!

Filthy Music Review - 'The Negation: Memento Mori'

The Negation - Memento Mori (2015)

Kaotoxin Records 

Review by Trevor Proctor

French label, Kaotoxin Records is set to bring us the second full length album from black metal nihilists The Negation on the 6th of July. The Negation’s debut album, Paths of Obedience, was self-released in 2013 and garnered the band a lot of positive reviews and media attention. For a debut release it took many by surprise due to its devastatingly heavy and powerful production which lends itself well to the band’s dark, cold and nihilistic take on Black Metal. It wasn’t long before the band was signed by pioneering French underground label, Kaotoxin Records, for a subsequent album which they will be releasing in a limited quantity of special edition cd digipaks that won’t be repressed on sell-out.

May 27, 2015

Review - 'Undead: False Prophecies'

Undead - False Prophecies (2015)

Listenable Records 

Review by Trevor Proctor

Undead appear to be a relative newcomer to the genre as there’s very little information currently available about them online, even the press release sent with the digital promo was quite limited – information about the identity of its members, formation details etc. are all quite sketchy. Undead’s debut album has just been released by Listenable Records and the band consists of five members; Angelus on bass, Drauhr drums, Noctidurnal and Necros on guitar with King Oscuro performing vocals. Even the hallowed Metal Archives has very little info on Undead, not even a mention of previous releases or associated acts, which is very unusual for what is literally the font of all knowledge for metal. The press release did however mention the five individuals in Undead are “back from the dead” – now whether this is a ploy to spark interest or a genuine fact will only be determined once their identities are revealed, which no doubt will happen through time.

May 17, 2015

Review - 'Blood Harvest Triple-Header: Maleficence/Ascended Dead/VoidCeremony'

From Malmo, Sweden, Blood Harvest is being typically prolific at the moment as from May to June they’re set to bring us three releases dragged from the very lowest depths of the underground for our listening pleasure. Ghoulgotha, Shroud of the Heretic and Ævangelist are a few bands from the label’s release roster so quality underground music is no new thing from them and to, a certain degree, somewhat expected.

May 5, 2015

Filthy Music Review - 'Austerymn: Sepulchrum Viventium'

Austerymn – Sepulchrum Viventium (2015)

Memento Mori

Review by Jude Felton

Even though the band has been around, in one guise or another, since the early 90’s, it wasn’t until late in 2013 that I became acquainted with the UK death metal beast that is Austerymn. Their demo, In Death..we Trust, was released on cassette and digital by Goatprayer Records, and was quite excellent. Featuring two tracks; Excarnation and the title track, it was a short, sharp and raw taster of things to come.

April 29, 2015

Review - 'Possession: 1585-1646'

Possession (Belgium) - 1585-1646 (2015)

Iron Bonehead Productions / Invictus Productions

Review by Trevor Proctor

Belgium’s Possession first attracted international attention and praise for their demo, His Best Deceit, released via Iron Bonehead and Invictus Productions on cd and cassette in November 2013. This was a four track smasher that included a cover of Sepultura’s Necromancer during seventeen minutes of primal and harsh death/black/thrash. This was followed in April 2014 by the excellent Anneliese 7” which featured two tracks and despite being only ten minutes long it was enough to show us Possession are no doubt a band in their ascendancy.

April 17, 2015

Review - 'Incantation: Entrantment of Evil' MLP

Incantation - Entrantment of Evil MLP (2015)

Hell’s Headbangers

Review by Trevor Proctor

We should never run out of praise for Incantation. Godfathers and pioneers of Death Metal they’ve been at the forefront of the sub-genre for over twenty five years. This is a band that’s never strayed from their chosen path, bringing us Death Metal of the highest standard since their inception. Fads, trends, and all manner of problems and opposition have come and went during this lengthy period, during which Incantation has stood resolute, loyal to their roots and delivering nothing but first rate metal.

April 14, 2015

Full Album Stream: 'Infernus - Grinding Christian Flesh'!

Today (April 14th) will see the official release, by Moribund Records of Grinding Christian Flesh, from Portland, Oregon quintet, Infernus. This is the second album from the band, and is an absolute barnstorming barrage of Satanic mayhem. It's a blistering assault, from start to finish, and contains 13 original songs, along with two covers (one of which is a terrific rendition of Inquisition's Crush the Jewish Prophet).

April 7, 2015

Review - 'Grá/Gnosis of the Witch Split 7" Single'

Grá / Gnosis of the Witch – Split 7” (2015)

Iron Bonehead Productions

Review by Trevor Proctor

This April will see an exclusive 7” split release from Iron Bonehead Productions that features new tracks from two of Black Metal’s most mysterious bands – Grá and Gnosis of the Witch. They occupy a side each with an original track - Sweden’s Grá occupy side A with Valitus ja Kaipuu and Gnosis of the Witch side B with Fórn Dauðaorð. The amazing artwork is the creation of Luciana Nedelea Artworks, an artist well worth your support as she’s easily one of the most prolific and talented artists the underground has to offer.

March 22, 2015

Review - 'Malthusian: Below the Hengiform'

Malthusian - Below the Hengiform (2015)

Invictus Productions 

Review by Trevor Proctor

Few bands can match Malthusian’s meteoric yet justified rise to prominence within death metals underground, which is why this article is as much, if not more, a brief summary of their history as it is a review of their latest release. This is a band everyone with a love for vehement death metal should be aware of, a band well on the road to greatness and one you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the future. 

March 15, 2015

Review - 'Saturnalia Temple: To The Other'

Saturnalia Temple - To The Other (2015)

The Ajna Offensive

Review by Blak Wulfaz

Long heavy droning soundscapes opening up the void and once it is open, Sweden's Saturnalia Temple make themselves comfortable once the beginning riff comes in. Ominous and monotonous, the repetitive mantra creeps up from the shadows welcoming in the oncoming ritual. The band has deep a comfort in keeping the vibe within a trance like state. They are sons of the riff, and with only a few to spare per song, they understand that less is more when driven by a few fuzz pedals and full stacks.

March 11, 2015

Filthy Music Review - 'Izah: Sistere'

Izah – Sistere (2015)

Nordvis Produktion

Review by Jude Felton

It’s been far too long, for one reason or another, since I put pen to paper (or keyboard to screen, if you prefer) and worked on a review, of any description. This, unfortunately, has led to an immense backlog of material that I want to cover. You see, even though I’ve not written anything, I have still had the music blaring and have had the good fortune to be able to check out some outstanding new music. One of the absolute highlights of the year, so far, for me has been this debut full-length from Dutch band, Izah.

March 6, 2015

Review - 'Negura Bunget: Tau'

Negura Bunget – Tău (2015)

Lupus Lounge (Prophecy Productions) 

Review by Trevor Proctor

Negura Bunget has just released their seventh full length album, Tău as follow up to their acclaimed album, Vîrstele Pămîntului, which was released in 2010. Negura Bunget has never been a band to do things by half measures but with this release they have taken things to another ambitious level altogether, even by their high standards. 

February 26, 2015

Filthy Giveaway - 'The Lazarus Effect' - Closed

This Friday, the 27th February, will see the release of The Lazarus Effect at theaters. It's the latest release from Blumhouse Productions and will be released by Relativity. To coincide with this, we at the Lair are very fortunate to be able to run a giveaway for a bevvy of promotional The Lazarus Effect goodies, which include a hoodie, flashlight and more. Read on for details on how to enter, to win these prizes, as well as more info on the film, including stills and trailer!