September 10, 2017

Exclusive track premiere - Bell - Law of the Cosmic Hammer.

Article by Trevor Proctor in arrangement with Cyclopean Eye Productions.

Forever a source of underground genius Indian label Cyclopean Eye Productions has once again released some truly inventive and original music in the form of Bell's debut album 'Secrets from a Distant Star,' the result of quite a mysterious project.
The Lair of Filth is extremely proud to reveal the world premier of track three from the album, 'Law of the Cosmic Hammer,' which is available to stream below. Read on for further information about this release and details of how to order.

"From the depths of the underground comes Bell; an obscure and secretive project that is another page in the ever-expanding musical manifesto of Cyclopean Eye Productions. Bell is an insidious worm that crawls into your ears and lays it's eggs in your brain, giving rise to fevered dreams and hallucinations as the music builds layer upon layer of humming distortion, subdued percussion and ethereal floating voices. At times trance-inducing and at other times ominous, harsh and unsettling, the music engulfs you and will create an alternate state of mind.

Taking Tangerine Dream as a starting point and adding influences from electronics and ambient music, Bell is a ritual and at times attains a level of spirituality rarely heard in this genre. Fans of Tangerine Dream, Mz. 412 and Brighter Death Now should take note, but this is a work of art that will appeal to both fans of extreme and ambient music."

'Secrets from a Distant Star' by Bell is currently available on cassette from Cyclopean Eye Productions - - further details below.

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