February 17, 2018

Artist Profile with Mark Riddick - Riddickart.

Last year I had the honour and pleasure of creating artist profiles with two of the underground's most talented, prolific and respected artists.
In May the first was created in conjunction with Alex MORKH Shadrin from Nether Temple Design who is also an active member of Vhorthax, Serpentrance and Sickrites. The second artist profile was published in July and featured Daniel Corcuera (Nekronikon) who, in addition to being an extremely talented artist and tattooist is also a member of Chilean band, Slaughtbbath.
Due to the popularity of these features I approached another exceptionally talented artist, Mark Riddick, who is one of the busiest and most respected artists around. In addition to his work as an artist Mark is also a past/present member of several bands, including Fetid Zombie, Macabra and Grave Wax. Mark's output as a musician is almost as prolific as his artwork so, to this end, this profile is also interspersed with active streams of his music.
It is with huge honour along and eternal thanks to Mark that I can now reveal our latest artist profile.
Read on for an in-depth profile featuring several examples of Mark's work as an artist, along with multiple music streams from his many bands.
I'd like to express huge thanks to Mark for his time, effort and keenness to participate along with the high volume of top quality artwork, music and answers he generously provided me with.
I (Trevor) and The Lair of Filth are also immensely proud to be displaying the Lair of Filth logo and artwork (above) that Mark created specifically for us - these, along with everything else, are HUGELY APPRECIATED.

February 11, 2018

Dagger Lust - Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead - Press Release + Track Stream.

Press Release by Nathan T Birk.

Article by Trevor Proctor.

Invictus Productions, in conspiracy with Vrasubatlat, sets April 20th as the international release date for Dagger Lust's highly anticipated debut album, 'Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead.' Invictus Productions will be handling the CD version while Vrasubatlat will be handling the vinyl and cassette versions.

February 4, 2018

Grandiose Malice - The Eternal Infernal - Press Release + Track Stream.

Press Release by Nathan T Birk.

Article by Trevor Proctor.

Hells Headbangers is proud to present Grandiose Malice's first (and final) album, 'The Eternal Infernal,' on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Grandiose Malice's 'The Eternal Infernal' is the final will and testament of Steve Childers, otherwise widely known in the metal underground as Tregenda, founding guitarist of the legendary Black Witchery. Worldwide, Childers was revered as a master of stark simplicity, his riffs burrowing immediately into the brain with total violence and force, but underneath all that sturm und drang lay a master songwriter. Sadly, Childers departed this mortal coil on February 2nd, 2016.

January 28, 2018

Veiled - Track Reveal + LP Release Information.

Press Release Information by Nathan T Birk.

Article by Trevor Proctor.

Since the release of Veiled's debut demo, 'Omniscient Veil'  by Iron Bonehead Productions in 2015 the underground has patiently been waiting for further music from this exceptional band. The good news is the wait is almost over as Veiled is set to release debut album, 'Black Celestial Orbs' on CD and LP via Iron Bonehead Productions in March. Read on for some release information and a 1st  track reveal.

January 24, 2018

Summon + Goatkraft - New Track Reveals + Release Information.

Press Releases by Nathan T Birk.

Article by Trevor Proctor.

Iron Bonehead Productions recently revealed news about two of this year's highly anticipated releases, 'Parazv Il Zilittv' by Summon (Portugal) and 'Angel Slaughter' by Goatkraft. Read on for a track reveal from each band along with release details.

January 7, 2018

Vhorthax - Nether Darkness - Music Review + Full MLP stream.

Vhorthax - Nether Darkness. 

Review by Trevor Proctor.

As witnessed by us all 2017 was an exceptional year for underground music but with the post-Christmas blues and fog of our festive hangovers barely lifted it’s now time to look forward to 2018 in the hope it can bring us the same high standard of music as last year. 

December 31, 2017

Happy New Year! A Look Towards 2018 with multiple track streams + upcoming features.

As the end of 2017 draws ever closer I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for your continued and growing support during the year as well as taking a look towards 2018 with multiple track streams of what we can look forward to in the first few months of the year. Read on for details of some very exciting releases that 2018 already has in store for us.....

December 20, 2017

Trevor Proctor's Top 25 Albums of 2017.

Love them or loathe them end of year listings are a regular feature at this time of year and if nothing else they make for interesting reading. As with 2016 this year has been exceptional in terms of releases as we've been treated to some phenomenal albums during a very productive year.