July 1, 2015

Filthy Band Profile - 'Impure Ziggurat'

Impure Ziggurat is a French black/death metal band currently causing a bit of a stir within the depths of metals underground. The band was formed on 21st December 2012 by CDRK, guitarist, and RM the drummer – a significant date to the band as it was the date of their first rehearsal. Impure Ziggurat’s membership was completed early in 2013 when they were joined by long-time friends, TR (Necroblood) and LDV who also plays in Svart Crown.

June 25, 2015

Filthy Music Review - 'Outre: Ghost Chants'

Outre - Ghost Chants (2015)

Third Eye Temple / Godz of War

Review by Trevor Proctor

Polish Black Metal group, Outre, was formed in Cracow during 2012 but it would be early 2015 before their debut album, Ghost Chants, would see the light of day and this was in fact their first release since 2013 when they brought us a split with Thaw which came out on the heels of their Tranquility EP earlier that year.

June 16, 2015

Filthy Interview - 'Undead'

Last month, Trevor reviewed False Prophecies, which is the debut album from death metal enigma, Undead. It's an album that we all enjoyed, here at Filth HQ, with its authentic, top-notch death metal assault. So, we are exceptionally happy that band members Necros and King Oscuro took time out of their schedules for this interview!

June 8, 2015

Filthy Review - 'We Are Still Here'

We Are Still Here (2015)

Format: Online Screener

Review by Jude Felton

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to my favorite film, horror or otherwise, of 2015. If you read no further than the previous sentence, I hope it has enticed you to check out this absolutely phenomenal new horror film. It’s not a remake, rehash, re-imagining or reheating, of any other film. Yes, it does firmly entrench itself in the classic horror feel of the late 70’s/early 80’s, however it is a fresh, vital and absolutely beautiful new film.

Filthy Movie Review Double Bill - 'Der Samurai and The House of 100 Eyes'

In this reviewer’s humble opinion, Artsploitation Films was one of the most exciting film distribution companies about. They released films such as Wither, Toad Road, Hidden in the Woods and Memories of the Dead, to name but a few. These were films from all over the globe that took the viewer on wild, imaginative and quite often very gruesome journeys. In a genre where re-issues and re-releases reign supreme, here was a company that was willing to take risks with their releases. Then, without warning, all went quiet. Had Artsploitation ceased to exist? Maybe the fact that their catalogue was only available on DVD, rather than giving us a Blu-ray option had something to do with it? Who knows? What I do know, is that they are back, stronger than ever, with a schedule that should make the more adventurous film fan salivate, and in this review I take a look at the first two titles!

Filthy Music Review - 'The Negation: Memento Mori'

The Negation - Memento Mori (2015)

Kaotoxin Records 

Review by Trevor Proctor

French label, Kaotoxin Records is set to bring us the second full length album from black metal nihilists The Negation on the 6th of July. The Negation’s debut album, Paths of Obedience, was self-released in 2013 and garnered the band a lot of positive reviews and media attention. For a debut release it took many by surprise due to its devastatingly heavy and powerful production which lends itself well to the band’s dark, cold and nihilistic take on Black Metal. It wasn’t long before the band was signed by pioneering French underground label, Kaotoxin Records, for a subsequent album which they will be releasing in a limited quantity of special edition cd digipaks that won’t be repressed on sell-out.

May 27, 2015

Filthy Music Review - 'Undead: False Prophecies'

Undead - False Prophecies (2015)

Listenable Records 

Review by Trevor Proctor

Undead appear to be a relative newcomer to the genre as there’s very little information currently available about them online, even the press release sent with the digital promo was quite limited – information about the identity of its members, formation details etc. are all quite sketchy. Undead’s debut album has just been released by Listenable Records and the band consists of five members; Angelus on bass, Drauhr drums, Noctidurnal and Necros on guitar with King Oscuro performing vocals. Even the hallowed Metal Archives has very little info on Undead, not even a mention of previous releases or associated acts, which is very unusual for what is literally the font of all knowledge for metal. The press release did however mention the five individuals in Undead are “back from the dead” – now whether this is a ploy to spark interest or a genuine fact will only be determined once their identities are revealed, which no doubt will happen through time.

May 17, 2015

Filthy Music Reviews - 'Blood Harvest Triple-Header: Maleficence/Ascended Dead/Void Ceremony'

From Malmo, Sweden, Blood Harvest is being typically prolific at the moment as from May to June they’re set to bring us three releases dragged from the very lowest depths of the underground for our listening pleasure. Ghoulgotha, Shroud of the Heretic and Ævangelist are a few bands from the label’s release roster so quality underground music is no new thing from them and to, a certain degree, somewhat expected.