September 30, 2020

DeathEpoch - Abysmal Invocation - Press Release + Multiple Track Stream.


DeathEpoch Abysmal Invocation - Putrid Cult

Press Release by Nathan T Birk.

Article posted by Trevor Proctor. 

Putrid Cult is proud to present DeathEpoch's striking debut album, Abysmal Invocation, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. The CD and tape versions shall be released on October 6th, while the vinyl version shall be released in December.
DeathEpoch is a band from Poland formed in February 2020. The band consists of Lord K. (Nekkrofukk, Sacrificulus, Goathrone, ex-Hate) responsible for vocals, drums, and electronic samples and Morgul (owner of the Putrid Cult label) responsible for guitar and bass parts. In June of this year, they finished work on their debut full-length, Abysmal Invocation, combining dark 'n' deranged elements of black metal, death metal, and war metal with ritual ambient and industrial noise. A bold fusion for such a new band, but one that's haunting and suffocating in equal measures...

Comprising 10 songs across 51 frayed-ends-of-sanity minutes, DeathEpoch's Abysmal Invocation duly lives up to its title, and then some. 
To enter its tar-thick and just-as-black depths is to enter a charnel pit itself; the way forward is spread before the listener, but each step deeper reveals fathomless horrors. Much like a fever dream, the delirium-inducing decibels the duo present here paradoxically flow, flitting between crushed 'n' crushing metal one minute and otherworldly ambience the other, its jarring malevolence well and truly drawing that listener toward the outer reaches of madness. 
Indeed, genre parameters matter not to DeathEpoch when the goal is SONIC ANNIHILATION, utilizing every weapon at hand to evoke the unshakable feeling of Apocalypse in this increasingly desperate 21st Century. 
Adding to that arsenal are guest vocal parts from the esteemed likes of Mark of the Devil (Cultes Des Ghoules), Vincent Crowley (Acheron), and Kris Stanley (Sinistrous Diabolus, ex- Diocletian), and covers of Sodom and Acheron are given suitably malformed treatment within this Abysmal Invocation.

Given this span of stylistic antagonism, Abysmal Invocation is just as recommended for fans of Mz.412, Prurient, and Brighter Death Now as it is for Beherit, Revenge, and Archgoat. But, upon evidence of this frightening first strike, DeathEpoch have crafted a unique identity worth reckoning. 

This is the beginning of the end!

01 - Abysmal Invocation I
02 - Genocie I
03 - Genocide II
04 - Abysmal Invocation II
05 - Genocide III (Feat Mark of the Devil)
06 - Genocide IV
07 - Genocide V (Feat Vincent Crowley)
08 - Sodom Bombenhagel (Feat K Stanley)
09 -  Abysmal Invocation III 
10 - Acheron Ave Satanas.

Abysmal Invocation by DeathEpoch will be available on CD + cassette formats from the 6th of October and can be pre-ordered by following this link - with the vinyl edition to follow in December.

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