November 8, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Vastum: Patricidal Lust'

Vastum – Patricidal Lust (2013)

20 Buck Spin

Review by Jude Felton

Death metal, by its very nature, tends to deal with, well, death basically. Whether it is a splattery gore-soaked affair, or something a little more cerebral, there is a heavy focus on the end of life. Sure, many bands have expanded the lyrical, and visual, output over the years, but the reaper is never too far away. San Francisco’s Vastum, on their second album, Patricidal Lust, have approached their lyrical content away from what might be expected, yet have still gone to a very dark and disturbing place.

Sexual abuse and incest take a precedent in the lyrics here, and lead the listener to the very precipice, before pushing us in. This is death metal, with a heavy dose of doom-laden riffage, that suffocates in its intensity, crushing all in its way, while it carves its tortured route.

Musically you can hear the influences of past masters of the genre, yet over the course of the 6 songs here, and 40 minute running time, you also get a real feel for Vastum themselves. This is bleak and despairing music, something you might usually associate with the blackened side of metal, and not necessarily death metal. However, this album sits nicely alongside recent releases by the likes of Krypts and Desolate Shrine, as some of the most oppressive death metal out there.

I’ve played Patricidal Lust many times over the last week or so, and each time a new layer has been revealed to me; it’s that sort of album. Heavy and bleak, for damned sure, but also an album of depth where the pain and passion, in equal measures, have been poured into its creation.

So, as you might well have guessed, I enjoyed Vastum’s album, a hell of a lot in fact. I’ve already put an order in for both the CD and vinyl edition, and I expect many other death metal fans will do the same. Bloody good stuff.

Track List:

1. Libidinal Spring
2. Enigma of Disgust
3. 3AM in Agony
4. Incel
5. Patricidal Lust
6. Repulsive Arousal

Patricidal Lust is released by 20 Buck Spin on CD, Digital and Vinyl on November 12th.

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