November 6, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Harm: Cadaver Christi'

Harm – Cadaver Christi (2013)

FDA Rekotz

Review by Jude Felton

Even if I wanted to, and physically could, keep up with the current onslaught of death metal, I know it would be a task in utter futility; there’s just so much of it right now. Due to this I find myself being incredibly selective in what I listen to. As a result of this, if I find myself writing a review of an album, it’s because it’s either terrible (which I truthfully try to avoid wasting my time on), or it has kicked my ass. Germany’s Harm fall firmly into the latter.

Cadaver Christi is an absolute barnstormer of razor-sharp old school death metal; we’re talking going back to the days of early Death and Obituary here. That’s not to say that Harm are living in the past, far from it, but you can tell just by listening to this album where the band’s passions lay.

Opening with a short spoken intro, Cadaver Christi then hurtles straight into My Name is Jack and never lets up throughout the album’s 40 minute duration. There is so much pure unadulterated energy on this album that it’s hard to put into words. An assault of sheer brutality that thunders along, whilst still delivering songs that will stick in your mind.

For a debut album (Harm only formed back in 2009) Cadaver Christi is an incredibly assured slice of musical mayhem. You can tell just by listening to it that the band has taken their time honing their musical chops and delivering the goods, when it comes to the songs. There’s an undeniable groove to the death metal here, as the guitars carve through each song, adding weight to the monstrous sound.

There’s some great death metal currently doing the rounds right now, especially from Finland, and with Cadaver Christi, Harm are showing that Germany is still producing the quality goods. Some albums are just great fun to listen to, and this is one of them, as it offers up no pretense, just damned good tunes of a death metal variety. Crank this beast and prepare to be beaten up.

Track listing:
01- My Name Is Jack
02- Burn The Saints
03- Cadaver Christi
04- Divers Of Death
05- Blood For God
06- Harmageddon
07- When The Tigers Roar
08- Mustard Gas Terror
09- Nuclear Holocaust
10- Cross Desecration

Cadaver Christi is released by FDA Rekotz and is available now.

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