April 26, 2013

'Dead Mine' assures us that some things are best left buried - UK DVD details

I'll admit that this is a new title to me, but the blurb across the top of the DVD artwork should be enough to get you interested; 'from the director of Mum and Dad'. If you have seen that flick then you'll know that director Steven Sheil is a talent to look out for. It may not have been a wholly original flick, but it was very well done. Dead Mine is his new film, and eOne will be releasing it on DVD, in the UK, on May 13th. Judging from the trailer it looks like we are getting a cross between The Descent and Outpost, with a big old Samurai dude thrown in for good measure. Looks like fun! Trailer, stills and more details below.

A group of treasure hunters set off to a remote Indonesian island searching for wartime gold. Beset by in-fighting, things go from bad to worse when they are suddenly attacked by a mysterious enemy.
Taking refuge in an old Japanese WWII mine it quickly comes apparent that the groups treasure hunt has turned into something far more sinister, when they discover the area was used for secret medical research on P.O.W’s
When bizarre occurrences start to happen in the bunker it is revealed that the explorers are not alone and something far more deadly awaits them…
Special Features:
Interviews with the cast and crew
Deleted scenes

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