April 24, 2013

Foresight Features prepare to take us to 'Hellmouth'

Foresight Features, who previously brought us Exit Humanity and Monster Brawl, are gearing up to unleash their next feature film, entitled Hellmouth. Directed by John Geddes and written by  Tony Burgess, Hellmouth stars Stephen McHattie in a 1950's style flick with McHattie playing a dying grave keeper who is forced to take one last job. I'll be posting more about this project as the news comes in. In the meantime you can read a little more about the film after the break.

Foresight Features, the studio behind Monster Brawl and Exit Humanity, has teamed up with acclaimed writer Tony Burgess for a 1950's style throwback entitled Hellmouth. Directed by John Geddes (Exit Humanity), the film stars Stephen McHattie (PontyPool, The Watchmen) as Charlie Baker, a dying grave keeper who’s forced to take one final job. The film also features an eclectic cast including female lead Siobhan Murphy, Julian Richings, Boyd Banks, the star of Exit Humanity, Mark Gibson and some iconic cameo's including, Bruce McDonald (PontyPool). An ode to classic horror and fantasy, Hellmouth is a VFX spectacle that chronicles Charlie Baker's dark descent through gothic landscapes, demonic worlds and medieval realms as he journeys to discover the secret behind a mysterious cemetery.

"I wanted to create a story-driven film with fantasy and horror combined. Something that was
directly inspired by the era of Hitchcock and even Ed Wood. Working with a writer like Tony
Burgess was a pleasure as we both love the simplicity in many of the old classic films of the 50's and 60's, and even earlier in films like Nosferatu and Faust. We worked really hard to make Hellmouth something fresh." - Director, John Geddes

The Visual Effects Supervisor & Lead Artist roles are helmed by Toronto's Nick Flook who has 
assembled a team of A-list artists who are working around the clock to complete the hefty workload.

"The imagery and style of this film is exactly the type of endless creative opportunity I’ve been 
wanting to work on for a long time. Dark and moody with dashes of wild fantasy, I can’t think of 
any artist that wouldn’t want to work on something this cool." - VFX Supervisor, Nick Flook

The Producers have launched a fan-driven crowdfunding campaign to help enhance some of the most intense 3D animation and creature design scenes, as well as to offer the audience an 
opportunity to be a part of the excitement of finishing the film. There's a great mix of perks for 
every contributor and this is the perfect way for the fans to be a part of the action!

Visit the campaign page and be a part of the film at igg.me/at/hellmouth

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