September 1, 2012

Filthy Review - 'Him Indoors'

Him Indoors (2012)

Review by Jude Felton

The last time I saw Paul Davis, who is the director of Him Indoors, he was on a murderous rampage, as Death Face, in the excellent short film The Other Side. With Him Indoors he steps behind the camera, and is no less murderous in this blackest of comedies.

Gregory Brewster (Reece Shearsmith) is your average everyday serial killer. Not that you would know this to look at him though; he’s very clean cut and incredibly unassuming, which I guess makes him perfect as a serial killer. He also happens to be an agoraphobic. This, as you would imagine, causes problems for Gregory, and his favorite pastime.

He’s a devious son of a gun though, and he has a plan; a truly twisted plan that should see his world set to rights. That is until his neighbor, Lizzie (The Woman’s Pollyanna McIntosh), pays him a visit and then things get really twisted.

Him Indoors is a riot of black humor throughout, the jokes are subtle but very funny, the dialogue is wonderful and Shearsmith is just superb as Brewster. Although the humor is very much to the fore, there are also moments of crunching violence, a good deal of claret and some very impressive close-up SFX.

The script is the real star though and it is pitch-perfect, making the 11 minute running time just fly by. Serial Killer movies are nothing new, and it takes something special for one to stand out as adding something new to the genre; Him Indoors does this perfectly. The premise is intriguing and the execution is just spot on.

If you get the chance to see Him Indoors I suggest you do so at your earliest convenience.  Paul Davis has shown with this short movie that he is definitely a director to keep an eye on, and is more than adept at killing folk on both sides of the camera. Subtle, shocking and very, very funny!

Him Indoors recently played at Fright Fest. For more information check out the Official Site.

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