September 1, 2012

Filthy Review - 'The Collective Vol.4: Emotions'

The Collective Vol 4: Emotions (2012)

Review by Jude Felton

I should really preface this review by saying that I have taken far too long to write the damned thing. The thing is I have been really impressed with The Collective Volumes 1-3, and I have been excited about watching the 4th entry into the series (I can tell you now that Vol 5 is already on its way!). JABB Pictures came up with the simple premise of taking one synopsis and then having 10 filmmakers each make a movie, of 10 minutes in duration, all with this one synopsis. The results thus far have been incredibly good, with a real variety of styles and stories.

With Volume 4 there has been a very slight change to the format, but only a slight one. This time out the 10 films are all based around an emotion; be it hate, grief, anger or any other emotion. So, this time around the stories are only tied together by the fact they are all around 10 minutes and are based on one of the emotions. The results? Once again, an incredibly varied selection of films, but a very good one as well.

As with previous entries in the series the films here are nothing less than fascinating. The opening salvo, Frankie from JABB Pictures, is a tense brutal affair, which has some great camerawork, then Winged Dolphin Pictures follow this with a completely different style and pace of film with the dreamlike Flash of Wire and so the collection keeps your interest throughout by offering up the unexpected and the original.

My personal favorite? That would be telling wouldn’t it? Ok, that would be Luke 1:17 A Story of Hate from Red Panic Button Films. Director Dakota Meyer has continued to impress me with his previous short films, and this one for my money is probably his best. It’s stark, well shot and puts a fine spin on what could have been a predictable tale. Here though it takes ahold of you and keeps you in its grasp until the stunning parting shot.

To be fair though, all the films here add something to the collection, and whilst I do have favorites it is the big picture that holds it all together. The films themselves all work as pieces of a jigsaw that come together to create something different and intelligent, regardless of style or content. Some films here do work better than others, in my opinion, yet I was wholly impressed with all of them.

These are low budget, to no budget, short films that pack a lot into their short running times. If only some big budget films showed this much flair and initiative in their approach to filmmaking we would have far more interesting films on the big screen. As it is, I recommend once again, grabbing yourself a copy of The Collective Vol 4 and see for yourself what variety and talent is out there. Sure, some of the films are a little rough around the edges, but it is the substance and passion behind them that shines through.

For more information about The Collective, and to purchase a copy of The Collective Vol 4, check out JABB Pictures Official Site.

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