August 31, 2012

'Maison Close' brings the filth to Blu-ray

On September 3rd Arrow Films will be releasing Season One of the French period drama Maison Close to Blu-ray and DVD in the UK. The show currently plays on Sky Arts and follows the world of brothels and prostitution in nineteenth century Paris. Sounds right up my filthy street!

Set in a nineteenth century Parisian brothel, Maison Close is a unique new eight-part series which adds a controversial and contemporary twist to the traditional costume drama format.
The story follows the lives of Veris, Hortense and Rose, who work in the mysterious and opulent whorehouse, “Paradise”, a brothel renowned for entertaining Parisian barons and aristocrats. Set in 1871, Maison Close tells the story of the three women as they try to escape servitude.

Veris, at 35, knows the end of her career as a prostitute is near. All her hopes are resting on the Baron du Plessis, her main customer and the only one able to redeem her dept.
Hortense is the owner of the “Paradise”. She must retain her girls and withstand the pressures of a thug from the suburbs who is demanding money from her.
Still a young girl, Rose arrives in Paris in search of her mother, a former prostitute. She is naive, and ends up working at the Paradise to pay-off her debts.

Beyond the fate of our new-found heroines, Maison Close takes an uncompromising look at the world of brothels and prostitution in the late nineteenth century. The series combines a hard-hitting emotional story and graphic reality with modern production techniques and a rock & roll soundtrack.
In French with English subtitles, Maison Close is currently showing on Sky Arts, Sundays at 10pm.

You can check out the show's Official Site here, and the UK Facebook page here.

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