August 26, 2012

Arrow take 'The Fields' to the UK

On August 27th Arrow Films will be releasing The Fields on to DVD, complete with a rather nice 3D lenticular sleeve. You can check out my review of the US release here, but in the meantime I have a few stills and the UK trailer to share with you.

Directed by Tom Mattera and David Mazzoni and based on writer B. Harrison Smith’s childhood memories of the intimidating and inexplicable events at his own grandparent’s farm, The Fields is a quietly nightmarish and atmospheric supernatural thriller seen through the eyes of a child.
It is 1973 when a young boy named Steven (Joshua Ormand) comes downstairs to find his disturbed father, Barry (Faust Checho) threatening his alcoholic mother, Bonnie (Tara Reid), at gunpoint. The next morning Bonnie decides that Steven is going to go stay with his paternal grandparents for a while as she and Barry try to figure out what to do about their obviously troubled marriage.
On the way to his grandparents (Bev Appleton and Cloris Leachman) isolated farmhouse, Steven hears a news report about the Manson Murders and begins to worry that Manson’s infamous “Family” is going to come after him while he sleeps.
The house is next to a vast cornfield, which Steven is forbidden to enter, but eventually his curiosity gets the better of him. Steven soon discovers that the field is hiding some frightening secrets in the form of a dead woman’s body, weird rustlings and possible monsters...
Suddenly, everything around his grandparents' home is menacing. Before he knows it, his childhood fears become frighteningly real, as a dangerous force emerges from the cornfield to menace Steven and his grandparents. They soon find themselves being harassed in increasingly bizarre ways. Gradually, the happenings turn more horrifying, and Steven soon finds himself in the midst of a real life nightmare.

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