May 25, 2019

Heresiarch - Incursions - Press Release + FULL Stream.

Press Release by Qabar Extreme Music PR.

Article by Trevor Proctor.

New Zealand's contribution to underground music is second to none with bands such as Vesicant, Sinistrous Diabolus and Witchrist being just a few of the many this country has brought us. Another New Zealand band, Heresiarch, has also featured a number of times here at The Lair of Filth

The excellent 7" EP, 'Wælwulf' was reviewed here where it was awarded a very easy 10/10 and the standard of music featured was so good it was placed at number three on my Top EP listing for 2014. This was the band's only output until the release of their stunning debut album, 'Death Ordinance,' which was released in July 2017. 'Death Ordinance' was reviewed here and also awarded another easy 10/10 which also gave them the number four placing in my 2017 year end album listing

Now, for the first time ever, all of Heresiarch's material released prior to 'Death Ordinance' has been collated on a CD compilation, 'Incursions,' by the excellent label Krucyator Productions
See below for the Press Release and full stream of what's easily one of the year's essential purchases.

Forged in 2008, New Zealand’s Heresiarch is one of the most dominant forces of the current black/death metal underworld. The Wellington based malicious quartet has most recently crossed the threshold of an unprecedented level by bringing forth their debut LP, 'Death Ordinance.' 

However, it will be inappropriate to glorify them solely based on the excellence of that album. Krucyator Productions offer the compilation CD 'Incursions' - collecting all the materials that Heresiarch spawned prior to their 2017 full length. All the tracks were newly mastered for this compilation album by Luke Finlay at Primal Mastering Studio to have an overall coherent sound.

Presented in sequential order, the compilation starts with the numbers from 2011’s ruinous demo, 'Obsecrating the Global Holocaust.' Having two originals and one Bathory tribute (Equimanthorn), this demo helped Heresiarch to create a strong buzz in the underground. The following six tracks are taken from the celebrated EP 'Hammer of Intransigence' which originally came out a few months after the demo. The final three tracks are borrowed from their 2014’s manifestation, 'Wælwulf.'

'Incursions' is the representation of Heresiarch’s relentless savagery.

Cover art by Misanthropic Art.

01 - Obsecrating the Global Holocaust
02 - Man Is Carnivore 
03 - Equimanthorn (Bathory cover)
04 - Abomination
05 - Carnivore
06 - Iconoclasm
07 - Thunorrad
08 - Conflagration
09 - Intransigent
10 - Wælwulf
11 - Abrecan
12 - Endeþrǽst.

'Incursions' by Heresiarch is available on digital formats  + CD by following this link.

Follow this link for access to Krucyator Productions' releases.

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