August 7, 2019

Serpents Athirst / Genocide Shrines / Trepanation / Heresiarch - Scorn Coalescence - Press Release + Double Track Stream.

Cover Art: Roger Moore.

Press release by Qabar - Extreme Music PR.

Article posted by Trevor Proctor.

Ever since storming into the underworld of extreme music with Genocide Shrines' debut EP in 2012, Cyclopean Eye Productions has kept pushing the envelope from the fathoms of the underground to discharge some of the finest and fiercest sonic gems. The Indian label, once again, is setting the bar high with a special cross-continental split CD, featuring Sri Lankan warmongers Genocide Shrines and Serpents Athirst and New Zealand’s malignant entities Heresiarch and Trepanation.

This four-track split, titled Scorn Coalescence, offers one brand new and exclusive number from each unit. These four punishing segments of the split together demonstrate the destructive nature of the human beings by alluding to the absolute of the individual in terms of conquest and survival as well as the futility of the situation in the grander scheme; it's the fulfillment and rejection of "fate" at the same time.

Serpents Athirst.

Spawned in 2011, Serpents Athirst manifest warfare, damnation, theistic Satanism and death through their venomous, violent form of black metal. They made their mark in the Asian underground with their demo Prevail, and then gained recognition from different corners of the world with their 2014 EP, titled Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration, via Cyclopean Eye Productions. They received praise from many including Fenriz of Darkthrone who streamed one of their tracks on his show Radio Fenriz.

Genocide Shrines.

Formed in 2011 in Colombo, Genocide Shrines inhale inspiration from dimensions beyond the realm of music to focus on a calculated assault on the all tangible and intangible human senses. The anti-dharmic Lankan death metal troops made their first monumental arrival with 2012’s Devanation Monumentemples EP via Cyclopean Eye Productions and then proceeded to dominate with their LP, titled Manipura Imperial Deathevokovil: Scriptures of Reversed Puraana Dharmurder in 2015, enthroning themselves as one of the most destructive units of the Asian underground.

From the twin dungeons of grindcore and war metal, Auckland’s Trepanation emerged in 2013 with the Hideous Black Abyss demo tape. Their knuckle dragging riffs and ritualistic cries spoke of the horrors of the void. Later the band morphed through split releases and the creation of the supreme Grand Maw EP, with swarths of noise industrial influences.


New Zealand’s Heresiarch are one of the most dominant forces in the current black/death metal sphere. This Wellington-based malicious quartet have most recently crossed the threshold of viciousness by an unprecedented level with their debut LP, Death Ordinance in 2017. Brandishing militant drums, relentless grinding guitars, pummeling bass and a hostile oratory as a weapon of blunt force, they beckon the coming Wolf Age.

01 - Poisoning the Seven (Serpents Athirst)
02 - All And​/​Or Nothing (Genocide Shrines)
03 - B/H/T (Trepanation)
04 - Dread Prophecy. (Heresiarch)

Scorn Coalescence is currently available on CD + Digital formats by following this link.

Some of the best underground music in existence is available here from Cyclopean Eye Productions.

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