November 25, 2017

Drawn and Quartered - Feeding Hell's Furnace - Re-release Information + Full Album Stream.

By Trevor Proctor in agreement with Krucyator Productions.

French label Krucyator Productions has brought us some excellent re-issues this year. In May the label released 'Abyss of Excruciating Vexes' by Paroxsihzem on cassette and digital formats, this was followed in July by the release of Mitochondrion's exceptional 'Antinumerology' EP on CD for the first time ever, along with a digital re-release. In November Krucyator Productions re-issued Paroxsihzem's stunning self-titled debut album along with 'From Forgotten Worlds' by Auroch on cassette and digital formats. In December Krucyator Productions will re-issue Drawn and Quartered's most recent full length 'Feeding Hell's Furnace' on cassette and digital formats - read on for information regarding this re-issue along with a full album stream and details of further scheduled releases by Drawn and Quartered via Krucyator Productions.

Drawn and Quartered - 'Feeding Hell's Furnace.' 

Formed in Seattle (USA) in 1993, Drawn and Quartered can be viewed as both pioneers and veterans of the American Death Metal scene.
Considered by many as the most underrated death metal band of their generation, to date they have released seven albums, three demos, two EPs, a live video and three video clips.
Lurking in the abyss of evil death metal combined with brutal blasting ferocity, Drawn and Quartered have never compromised during their 25 year career - staying dark, heavy, evil, and raw throughout.

Their 2012 album,' Feeding Hell's Furnace' was originally released on CD and LP by Greek label Nuclear Winter Records but is set to be re-issued by Krucyator Productions on cassette and digital formats in December. This re-issue will also feature two bonus tracks taken from the 'Conquerors of Sodom' EP and is available to stream in full below.

Krucyator Productions is soon set to release Drawn and Quartered's 2006 album 'Hail Infernal Darkness' on vinyl LP for the first time ever which will in turn be followed by Drawn and Quartered's latest album 'The One Who Lurks' which will be released in 2018.

01 - Stabwound Invocation
02 - Feeding Hell's Furnace
03 - A World in Ashes
04 - Mutilated Offerings
05 - Lustmörder
06 - Horde of Leviathan
07 - Gravescape
08 - Cryptic Consecrations
09 - No Absolution
10 - Conquerors of Sodom (Bonus track)
11 - Seed of Insanity (Bonus track)

'Feeding Hell's Furnace' by Drawn and Quartered will be available from December via Krucyator Productions and can be pre-ordered  by following this link.

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