December 1, 2017

Spite - Antimoshiach - Debut Album Press Release + Track Reveal.

Press Release by Nathan T Birk.

Article by Trevor Proctor.

Since formation in 2010 New York Black Metal entity Spite has brought us three previous releases with the most recent being their exceptional two track EP 'Trapped in the Pentagram' which was released on 7" vinyl and digital formats by Iron Bonehead Productions in May 2015. In early 2018 Spite will release their debut full length album 'Antimoshiach,' via Invictus Productions, read on for full release information and a first track reveal.

Invictus Productions sets February 2nd, 2018 as the international release date for Spite's highly anticipated debut album, 'Antimoshiach.'

In the tenth year of Satan's millennium, the temple of Spite began its erection. Three warnings from the depths have since been issued: a demonstration of the rites of desecration, an exhibition of countless blasphemy, and a declaration of the binding of the lord in the pentagram's grasp. The seventh horn has now sounded and the Devil’s minyan is ready to carry the Antimessiah across the continents of Earth to spread the abominations of Hell. Evil Satanic war awaits the world. Huddle together, ye lambs, and whimper at the coming of the 'Antimoshiach.'

A work of sanctimonious austerity, unquenchable desire, and irascible hysteria, 'Antimoshiach' is black heavy metal filtered through the inscrutable, idiosyncratic prism of Spite
Cauldron-born and cantankerous, the riffs flow fast and freely, stacking upon each other like devilish arsenal but woven together in a manner most narrative. Blustery aggression remains at the fore - it is Heavy Metal, after all, albeit blackened to a crisp - whilst a blind eye is never turned to nuance nor dynamics. As such, the recording's completely analog and breathes a sort of aromatic mustiness that's both aeons old and utterly fresh; you simply feel this, everywhere, within and without. And that's to say nothing of the incensed diction of mainman Salpsan, whose oratory raises the hackles and fully drives home the occultic portent of 'Antimoshiach.'

Hark! The dawn of Satan's millennium is already at hand, and Spite is ushering forward its ominous, earth-devouring eclipse with 'Antimoshiach.' Where do you stand?

Prepare for the first reckoning with the new track "The Shield of Abraham" streaming below from Invictus' Bandcamp.

01 - The Devil's Minyan 
02 - The Shield of Abraham 
03 - Vision of the Merkabah
04 - False Magic
05 - Second Death
06 - Upon Funeral Stone 
07 - The Hope (Of Coming Armageddon)
08 - Antimoshiach.

'Antimoshiach' by Spite is currently available for pre-order here from Invictus Productions.

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