June 28, 2017

Mitochondrion - Antinumerology EP - CD Release Information & Stream.

By Trevor Proctor in conjunction with Krucyator Productions.

French label Krucyator Productions has been responsible for bringing us some fantastic releases in recent times from bands such as N.K.V.D. and Australian Black/Death entity Miserist, the label is also the current home to the Black/Death/Industrial group that is Autokrator. Now the label is set to bring us the Antinumerology EP by Mitochondrion on CD for the first time ever.
(The entire Antinumerology EP is available to stream below)

"Mitochondrion has helped signal a paradigm shift destined to bring awareness to where
the elite sanctions within the Canadian extreme metal scene now reside. Initially hailing from the city
adjacent to the infamous Ross Bay cemetery, Mitochondrion made quite an impression within the
Death Metal underground with their self-released 'Archaeaeon' debut in 2008. 
The band introduced the Death Metal world to their brand of time-stretching, vitriolic, complex, brutal ambient sound. Inevitably they would gain the reputation as one of Canada’s most devastating and creative death metal bands today with further releases in the form of 'Parasignosis' in 2011, and 'Antinumerology' in 2013." 
The band also released further music via two split releases: 'Rituals of Transcendence / Liimk Halaayt,' which they shared with Gyibaaw and 'In Cronian Hour,'  which was released last year and was shared with Auroch.

The  Antinumerology EP was originally released as a limited edition 7" by Dark Descent Records in 2013 and has been sold out from the label for quite some time.
At the end of July Krucyator Productions is set to bring us a long awaited and much deserved CD release of this fantastic EP.

Antinumerology will be released by Krucyator Productions as a four panel digipack CD with a bundle pack also available that will feature a woven 10cn x 10cm patch and sticker.
Antinumerology is also currently available on digital formats on a "name your price" basis from Krucyator Productions and is available to stream in full below.

01 - Insummation 06:13
02 - 137 (Mors Formulae) 02:55
03 - Antinumerology 03:04

Pre-orders for the Antinumerology EP are currently available here from Krucyator Productions.

Other highly recommended releases from Krucyator Productions are also available from the Krucyator Productions Bandcamp page.

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