June 19, 2017

Abomnium - A Hollow Path - Full Album Stream.

Article by Trevor Proctor and Sapient from Abnomium.

Since formation in 2010 Abomnium has released a total of four albums, with the most recent, 'A Hollow Path' released by UKEM Records only a matter of weeks ago, featuring cover artwork from the extremely talented artist, Luciana Nedelea.
With 'A Hollow Path' being Abomnium's most accomplished work to date I felt we should bring you some further information about the band, along with a full album stream. 
Thanks to Sapient for both the permission to stream the album and also for the information detailed below - give the album a listen and head over to UKEM Records for details on how to purchase it on CD from the UKEM Records site or on digital formats from the UKEM Records Bandcamp page

Abomnium is a one-man Black/Death Metal band from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The sole member, Sapient, is a multi-instrumentalist who covers all guitar, bass and vocal duties for Abomnium, as well as programming the drums. 

'A Hollow Path,' which was recently released through UKEM Records, is Abomnium’s fourth album and the third with the label. Like its predecessor, 'Solace For The Condemned,' it was produced and mastered by Chris Fielding who in the past has worked with many bands, including Primordial, Conan and Winterfylleth at Skyhammer Studio in Cheshire. 
I (Sapient) feel 'A Hollow Path' represents all that Abomnium encompasses. 
The album is the true sound of what I hear in my head when I sit down to write new material. I am humbled to be supported by Chris Fielding and Luciana Nedelea Artworks and it’s a real pleasure to work with people who are at the absolute top of their game.

'A Hollow Path' by Abomnium is available on CD by clicking this link, digital formats are also available here and you can also purchase digital formats of the following two previous albums - 'Coffinships' and 'Solace for the Condemned.'

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