March 20, 2016

Two Way 7" Review - Suspiral & Galvanizer (Equinox Discos)

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Here at The Lair of Filth we’re committed to bringing you information about bands that are established as well as relative newcomers. To this end I’ve reviewed releases from two relatively new bands that you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the future – Suspiral and Galvanizer, both of which have recently been released via Spanish label, Equinox Discos. I’d also like to express huge appreciation to Eduardo from Equinox Discos for once again bringing some fantastic music to my attention - thanks Edu!

Suspiral – Dawn of Kezef  7” - Equinox Discos.

From Galicia, Spain Suspiral was formed during 2014 and independently released their debut recording, Dawn of Kezef, on digital formats in February 2015. However, based on the high standard of their music it wasn’t long before Dawn of Kezef was released on physical formats; a cassette edition was released in May 2015, followed by a 7” vinyl edition in December – both of which were released by Equinox Discos. Suspiral is a two piece that plays harsh and dissonant black metal featuring M.S. on guitar and vocals and A.T. on bass, synth and vocals with session drums for Dawn of Kezef performed by M. Dawn of Kezef was recorded at The Hidden Lodge in November 2014 with mixing and mastering duties fulfilled by M.S. with the artwork and layout design by A.T.

Dawn of Kezef features two tracks, “Devoured Hearts” and “Dawn of Kezef” – both of which are over four minutes in duration and combine to form a decent introduction to this fairly new band. For a first release Dawn of Kezef shows more than a little promise as both are very, very solid tracks. Suspiral’s music is quite dissonant and coarse yet strangely captivating at the same time, described by the band themselves as “Cacophonous coalescence of amorphous chaos and morbidly dissonant riffage conforming a mesmerizingly hypnotic Black Metal mass that will appeal to those who have been staring unblinking at the abyss until its relentless vortex has finally consumed them.” If you haven’t yet heard of Suspiral this serves as a seriously good introduction, they have also recently released their debut album “Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence” via I, Voidhanger Records and based on the first rate music featured on this 7” I’ll most definitely be purchasing the album. This is one not to miss if you’re a fan of intense, bleak and destructive black metal. 

A brilliant debut. 9 out of 10.


01 - Devoured Hearts
02 - Dawn of Kezef. 

Dawn of Kezef is currently available on digital formats via Suspiral and the 7” is also available via Equinox Discos. The cassette edition is currently sold out from Equinox Discos but is presently available from excellent UK label, Exitium Productions

Galvanizer – Horrid Tales of Death 7” - Equinox Discos.

Finland’s history within underground music is extremely strong, spawning the likes of Demilich, Corpsessed and Impaled Nazarene, to name but a few from a very lengthy list. A recent addition to these ranks is Galvanizer from Laitila/Tammela which was formed in 2013. Initially Galvanizer was a one man project but soon became a two piece featuring Vili Mäkinen (bass, guitars and vocals) and Aleksi Vähämäki on drums, vocals and guitars. They recorded and released their debut demo “Ground Above” in November 2014 then added a further member, Nico Niemikko, before releasing the Horrid Tales of Death EP in 2015. 

The EP was initially released on cassette via Extremely Rotten Records before getting a vinyl release via Equinox Discos in December 2015. Galvanizer’s music is a fairly straight forward combination of death with elements of grindcore blended together with a dash of gore for good measure. Horrid Tales of Death features four tracks that span a total of just over twelve minutes, twelve minutes that fly by in a blaze of authentic sounding death that sounds a little like something to emerge from the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. The production is just right for this type of music - far from clean or clinical but never too murky as all instrumentation can be heard, especially the bass which at times plays a more prominent role than in similar recordings. There are also occasional elements of synth at play during Horrid Tales of Death that the band should consider exploring further on future releases. Some may argue there’s not a lot here to set the world afire in terms of originality, however, what the music may lack in originality is more than compensated for with the passion and intensity it’s played with and I strongly feel this is a great EP from a very promising young band that’s well worth watching. In a recent interview with The Lair of Filth Matti from Corpsessed mentioned Galvanizer when I asked about up-coming Finnish bands - based on what I’ve heard on Horrid Tales of Death I’d definitely agree with him. 

Very promising. 8.5 out of 10.


01 - Mental Vortex
02 – Wounds
03 - Putrefaction Blues
04 - Cadaveric Lust.

Galvanizer's Horrid Tales of Death 7" is currently available from Equinox Discos. "First 100 copies come with an exclusive A3 poster and a handnumbered hype sticker reading 'Galvanizer "Horrid Tales Of Death...". A terrifying vision of putrescence. Early bird special version with poster. ### / 100."

Galvanizer recently posted a live video of a new track, “Domestic Mastication” on their Facebook page that you can access here.

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